Right-to-Life vs Right-to-Choose

See! I did say the divide between ProLifers and ProChoicers is small.

The Plan B or Ella is a point of contention between ProLifers and ProChoicers. ProLifers want to protect “something” which may not exist and ProChoicers want to avoid “something” which may exist. But even if the ProLifers are right, the newly fertilized egg is a pin-head size which is roughly 5,000 times smaller than a small mosquito (We squash a mosquito without any feeling of guilt). ProChoicers believe there is no moral dilemma for anyone to stop a pin-head size egg from growing, and that’s exactly what the pill does. I must side with the ProChoicers here, considering that the ProLifers are at a big disadvantage a) they cannot prove the existence of a fertilized egg b) it’s too early to test for pregnancy c) even if one errs on the side of conception, it may be the result of a traumatic experience (incest, rape).

What would you add?

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