Right-to-Life vs Right-to-Choose

3) They advocate aborting the fetus in extraordinary circumstances. ProChoicers advance a few scenarios under which they support a woman to seek for and have an abortion. For instance, in the case of rape and incest, ProChoicers reason it is unfathomable to force a woman to carry inside of her the product of an already traumatic experience. In addition, ProChoicers believe a woman should be able to end a pregnancy if her life is in danger; although rare, there are instances when carrying the pregnancy to term would endanger the mother’s life. ProLifers wouldn’t hear of it.

To recap, ProLifers oppose any form of abortion – even in the case of incest and rape – but they are okay with the use of contraception; ProChoicers agree but they also want to keep their options open in the case of incest and rape.

ProLifers are not comfortable with the morning-after (or ella) pill; they think it’s abortion; they even label the pill abortion-pill. ProChoicers beg the differ; they think ProLifers are ignorant and misinformed. The (Plan B or ella) pill is simply a measure of caution, they claim; no doctor or pregnancy test can reveal whether a woman is pregnant until 16 days after missing her period, that’s neither the morning after nor the week after. But ProLifers say they’d prefer to err on the side of conception; in the event there is one, they would like to see it carried out to term.

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