Right-to-Life vs Right-to-Choose

In fact, ProLifers refer to the morning-after (or ella) as abortion-causing drugs, a reference which frustrates Susan Wood, professor of health policy at George Washington University and former assistant commissioner for women’s health at the FDA. “It is not only factually incorrect, it is downright misleading. These products are not abortifacient. And their only connection to abortion is that they can prevent the need for one” states Susan. In addition, she remarked that half of fertilized eggs leave the woman’s body (by ProLifers’ definition, a mass abortion) and abortion can only occur if a fertilized egg is implanted in a woman’s uterus – where it would grow to zygote, embryo, fetus stages – something which does not happen if the morning-after (or ella) pill is taken up to a week after sex. To be clear, there is an abortion drug, RU486 also known as Mifeprex (the very use of which could be deadly for the woman; it is mind boggling that FDA would even give approval to let such drug come to the market) which is not a contraceptive and is not covered by insurance companies.


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