Right-to-Life vs Right-to-Choose

If we assume for a minute that fertilization (fusion of an ovum with a sperm) occurs; within 30 hours, a zygote, the size of the head of a pin (literally, like this [.] dot) is created, which is what the morning-after (or ella) pill stops from further development. According to research, the majority of women who want to avoid pregnancy take the pill within an average of 12 hours after sex, 18 hours before the zygote even exists.

ProLifers object to the morning-after (or ella) pill; they believe it is nothing short of abortion. Both the medical and the science community disagree however. Even insurance companies which do not cover abortion have both Plan B and Ella covered under preventative services. ProLifers argue that since life begins at conception, to interfere in anyway with the normal process of development is unacceptable and to end the process is murder (well, they really say abortion but what’s the difference?)


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