Right-to-Life vs Right-to-Choose

The premise of the question posted by the user has glaring flaws (or truths), the first one is that the individual assumes Democrats are pro-Abortion, the second is to question the existence of Christian Democrats based on the erroneous first assumption. I will attempt to address those two assumptions, discuss the Pro-life vs Pro-choice topic in greater details and propose a workaround the misunderstanding which has slowed down (hampered in most cases) any progress the two sides could have made.

The ProLifer
The ProLifer’ stance is very simple and straightforward, killing is wrong; therefore abortion is and must be banned. Notwithstanding the “thou shalt not kill” commandment in the Bible adopted by ProLifers and frequently cited in their discussions, we all know that it is indeed wrong to kill. When someone is killed – even through an accident or a tragedy, let alone in the hands of another individual – we are saddened by the event. We mourn the passing of loved ones who die of natural causes (old age, illness). So, we all value life. Prolifers believe that life begins at conception but the unborn are at a disadvantage; they’re unable to speak for themselves. ProLifers are their advocates regarding this very important matter. ProLifers contend that if a woman is ovulating, has sex, and becomes pregnant, “that life” which has just begun (be it a minute) must be protected at all cost. The woman, although the bearer, has no right over the life she carries in her womb. Nothing can be much simpler, right?

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