Right-to-Life vs Right-to-Choose

So, what’s causing the big divide (or the small one) between ProLifers and ProChoicers? 1) they’re not talking 2) when they do decide to talk, they do not really talk to each other, they yell at one another 3) they’re not good listeners, well it’s probably because they are yelling at each other 4) they do not communicate properly 5) they do have some disagreement on the topic of abortion 6) each side makes a lot of assumptions about the other side 7) they bring religions into the discussions.

Simply put, the two Partys do not communicate and yes they may have some minor disagreements. But why are ProLifers so opposed to ProChoicers? Why do ProLifers so want to kill ProChoicers? (oxymoron anyone!) Despite the perception of a big divide, ProLifers and ProChoicers have much in common; they just need to be in the same room to discuss the issue rationally. So, to bring the two sides to the table, a neutral party must take the initiative and provides translation what each side says to the other and what it means. I volunteered.

What would you add?

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