Are Bernie and Hillary Getting A Divorce?



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Irreconcilable differences are the most common reason cited in a divorce. It’s good to know. It seems the American constituents are in for a treat (or a nightmare) in what may become one of the most highly publicized divorce proceedings. The couple has so much in common it prompted me to initially suggest they take the relationship to the next highest level, the Oval Office .

The marriage between Bernie and Hillary is going through a very rocky patch; there are already rumors in the media the couple may be heading to a divorce. The situation is further exacerbated by comments made through surrogates on both sides. According to sources close to the situation, it all started with a simple misunderstanding; – isn’t what marriage all about? – when Hillary was asked on Morning Joe at MSNBC (show hosted by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski) to comment on her husband, I mean Bernie’s qualification to be president, Hillary took the opportunity to point out (what she perceived as) a lack of understanding on the part of Bernie regarding the Dodd-Frank Reform Act but Hillary fell short of answering the question directly. However, Washington Post which has been publicly unfriendly to Bernie seized on that opportunity to translate Hillary’s answer; the paper ran a column saying that “Bernie Is Not Qualified To Be President” according to Hillary but she didn’t say any such thing.

Bernie unleashed his anger at the implication; he lambasted Hillary as the unqualified candidate. The press who has been looking for the couple to engage in fights finally got its wish; the gloves are off the media claims. It seems so; the couple is now having more frequent arguments. Despite having a lot more in common than most relationships, this couple’s frustrations may be due however to irreconcilable differences. Hillary would want to put an end to the grinding primaries so she can focus more in the general elections, a posture she has adopted intermittently during the primaries; Bernie would want to overtake Hillary to become the nominee but he is stonewalled by the almost insurmountable lead in the number of delegates Hillary has.

But Bernie’s reaction in regards to the Washington Post article – claiming he is not qualified to be president – is highly misinterpreted. Mr. Sanders could have easily ignored such statement even if it were made. In the past, Sanders would have shrugged it off.  However, Bernie has felt sidelined by the Clinton’s campaign. After the Super Tuesday (and Super Saturday) primaries, Hillary has completely pivoted her focus to the general elections as if she has already won the Democrat nomination, something which has angered Sanders and his campaign greatly.

To be fair, Mrs. Clinton may have implied but did not specifically say that Bernie is not qualified to be president, and despite the fact that Bernie (and his surrogates) has lashed at Hillary for (saying) implying so, Mrs. Clinton has tried very hard to avoid any overt confrontation with her husband, I mean Bernie. Since the rifts began a few days ago, Mrs. Clinton has extended olive branches to the Sanders’ campaign; she mentioned more than once that she would take Bernie Sanders as president over Ted Cruz and Donald Trump anytime.

Despite the frustrations expressed by both sides, the Democrats have been more or less civil and more open to debating issues rather than engaging in ridiculous fights; most unfortunately however, the media has shown more interest for fights among the candidates than in the debates of issues. What is the press for  if not to encourage cock fights?

Given the importance of the upcoming New York primaries on April 19, a loss on either side may turn an already sour relationship into a nasty divorce; irreconcilable differences may just be the tip of the iceberg. Although Mrs. Clinton seems to have more to lose than Sanders in a divorce, the Democrat Party may want to intervene quickly to avoid such outcome; otherwise, it would most likely find itself in the same predicament as its Republican counterpart.

And the outcome of the elections?

With both the GOP and the DNC embroiled in what could be the most unprecedented political brawl in the history of the Republic, why leave the future of the country to chances?

Obama for a third term?


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