Unsure Which Party You Belong To


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UnSure of What?

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, the two sides of the same coin, have a serious dilemma; both are making progress in the delegates count; both are followed by large crowds of supporters and trusted to carry and fulfill The People wishes to Washington; both have flirted with the idea of running as a third party candidate and both are also told they may not belong with the Party they’re running under. Truly a serious dilemma! Now, both are unsure and confused. At least, that’s what the GOP leaders and the DNC powerbrokers want to convey.

Elites in both the Democrat and the Republican Partys have finally found something – not in common – they can wholeheartedly agree on. This should have been break-in news but as expected the press is not doing its job. It’s too busy chasing Donald Trump for comments on his loss in the Wisconsin primary, too busy chasing Hillary Clinton for comments on what it means to still be a winner even after a losing streak to Bernie Sanders. Coincidentally, that’s exactly what I want to talk to you about.

For the past seven years, with Obama in the Oval Office, the rarest commodity has been to get Republicans to agree with Democrats on anything. Even to feed the hungry children proposed by the Democrats is met with fierce debate in the Houses and unrelenting opposition by the Republicans. And yet today both sides have alarmingly agreed on something. Could this be the end of the world? Have Republicans finally seen the light? Did Ronald Reagan speak to them from beyond the grave? Or is it just they have grown common sense?

None of the above!

** On the Republican side, the “UNSURE OF” movement started a week or so before the Super Tuesday primaries. After Donald Trump swept the first few states (New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada) and immediately before the Super Tuesday primaries where a large number of delegates were at stake, “little Marco” mostly, “lyin’ Ted” at times began to advance the argument they were UNSURE whether Donald Trump is even a Conservative. They used it at rallies; they used it during interviews; they used it everywhere. They even aired ads showing Trump making statements which are considered “un-Conservative”; they aired ads which attempted to establish a link between Donald and Hillary. “Little Marco” continued to repeat the talking point while mocking Trump for his hair, his hands and his everything. Ted was smart enough to let go of an argument which seemed frivolous at best, detrimental in the end but “little Marco”, the stubborn Senator from Florida, kept at it and would later suffer the most humiliating defeat of his political career.  He was forced out of the presidential race by a “con man”, a novice in politics, a reality TV celebrity. Ted knew better; he’s still striving. What is it exactly the Republicans were UNSURE OF?

You may recall that Donald Trump made a brief appearance during the 2012 presidential election cycle as Godfather from whom the candidates must seek blessing to proceed with their campaigns. However when one by one the candidates declined to bow to Godfather, Donald threatened to challenge “the losers” for the nomination. Although he didn’t make good on his threat, he put the Republican Party on notice that in the future he would seek a public office post of sort to “teach others” how to best run a campaign and win. But Donald was no one to pay attention to; he’s always had a “big mouth”. He is an instigator of sort. In the end, he gave a heartfelt endorsement to Mitt Romney, the 2012 nominee for the Republican Party. Naturally when Donald Trump began floating the idea of running for public office again in 2014, the Republican powerbrokers didn’t take him seriously but this time, according to sources close to the Donald, he was “dead” serious. To appease the Donald’s thirst for spotlight, the GOP leaders discussed with him New York governorship in the 2014 race. Mr. Trump considered the idea for a New York minute (pun intended), completely bypassed the GOP powerbrokers and launched a national bid for the office of the presidency.

The GOP elites stepped aside to let Donald Trump destroy Donald Trump. Apparently, they were right; right off the bat, at the very time of his announcement for the presidency, Donald Trump ranted against the “Mexican rapists” flocking the US borders. His grandstanding announcement for president should have been his last; the GOP elites were wrong. It was just the beginning but the Republican Party in its entirety was mesmerized, hypnotized even by Donald Trump’s “obnoxious charisma”. Before Trump snapped his finger to bring the Party out of hypnosis, he had already galvanized an army of “angry at the elite” supporters and firmly set himself as the frontrunner.

After many attempts to deny Donald Trump the frontrunner status, having previously, secretly coronated the “late Marco Rubio” in a ceremony as the nominee of the Party, the GOP leaders began circulating memos suggesting that it’s UNSURE whether Mr. Trump is a Conservative (a nicer label for Republican). As proof, they released videos of Trump’s making favorable comments about Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Obama’s position on Syria; they also released documents of Trump’s contribution to the Obama’s 2008 election bid and so on. Mr. Trump retorted that as a businessman he has to get along with everybody. To be fair, Donald Trump is right. He wasn’t engaged in anything illegal. He made political contributions to both Partys. What is it the Republicans are UNSURE OF again?

** On the Democrat side however, the UNSURE OF movement started not too long ago and it’s all Sanders’ fault. Instead of winning quietly and picking up delegates silently, it has to be a grandstanding. Everywhere he goes, huge crowds of supporters come to hear about his plan for the country, to cheer him, to support him. But it wasn’t always that way. When Bernie made the announcement he is running for president of the United States, he was ignored by the media, minimized by his now main challenger Hillary Clinton. He was just a blip on her radar screen. Hillary had better things to do; she had bigger fishes to fry. She had major policies she needed to work on; she planned to meet with people who would make up her cabinet. For the most part, everything was going well; even the DNC’s plan revolved around Hillary as the nominee. And When Joe Biden made the announcement he would not be seeking the office of the presidency, it was a done deal. Hillary will definitely be the nominee. None of the “lightweight” candidates (Jim Webb, Lincoln Chafee, Lawrence Lessig, Martin O’Malley) is any match for Hillary. Her credentials are a mile long.

Everything seemed to be going as planned, just a like in a wedding planning; everything seemed perfect, well almost perfect until the troublemaker Bernie Sanders began to make noise, calling for a revolution, preaching against Wall Street, promising free tuition, free healthcare, lambasting campaign financing and standing in the way of the status quo in presidential elections.

Darn Sanders!

At first, he sounded like an old, angry, grumpy old man; he is, the guy is 74 years old for god’ sake. Who was he talking to? Even John the Baptist who preached in the desert had a larger following; he was crazy regardless; so were the people who followed him. Fast forward to 2016, Bernie took the banner as the modern John the Baptist. He’s still crazy though. But something unusual begins to happen; a young, thirsty for the word (of hope and promise) crowd started to pay attention. And the Democratic Messiah was born. One by one, his disciples begin to follow him, bring others to listen to his word. They shouted on social media that the Savior is here. Before long, Bernie needed more room to accommodate his followers. He had to build a bigger tent, I mean rent locations with large seating accommodation. Bernie’s followers yearn for change, tired of the corruption in Washington, disappointed with promises others made but never kept. But it’s different this time; Bernie is a man of his word; he doesn’t change his position because it would benefit him. He is truly the Messiah the country has been waiting for. He is able to change water to wine (never mind that), I mean change Washington to serve the interests of The People. Interestingly, Bernie doesn’t need to perform any miracle; his followers believe and trust that he is able to and he will in due time. In a twist of irony however, Bernie relinquishes his power to perform miracles to his followers. They have indeed demonstrated they have the power; they have the will; they have the time; they have the energy. They’ve been supporting the Messiah with $20, $30, $50 donation and they have powered his celestial ship to keep going as far and as long as the Savior deems necessary.

In a desperate move however, the DNC elites claim that Bernie is not the Messiah; Hillary is. According to the word of God, I mean the DNC playbook, the Savior must come from Jerusalem, I mean the nominee must be a Democrat. Bernie is not even Jewish, I mean a Democrat; Hillary is. Can a Hebrew be the Messiah?

As it is probably obvious by now, both the GOP and the DNC elites resort to a desperate tactic called UNSURE OF to delegitimize the candidates they don’t want irrespective of the myriad people who support those candidates, Donald Trump on the Republican side, Bernie Sanders on the Democrat camp.

Just recently on Tuesday, April 5, 2016, in an interview accorded to Politico, Hillary stated that she is not even sure that Bernie Sanders is a Democrat (here it is again!); Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio advanced the same theory in regards to Donald Trump early on in the primaries. Why does it matter in either or both cases?

Well, Donald Trump presents serious challenges to the GOP institution; Bernie Sanders offers serious challenges to the DNC institution. Donald Trump defies the status quo in the Republican camp; Bernie Sanders defies the status quo in the Democrat camp. Donald Trump rails against campaign financing which impedes governing; Bernie Sanders rails against campaign financing which compromises integrity of the elected officials. Donald Trump is powered up by an army of supporters who are fed up with Washington; Bernie Sanders is supported by an army of young voters who want to have a voice in Washington.

What is it exactly the GOP leaders are UNSURE OF?

What is it exactly the DNC leaders are UNSURE OF?

Amidst the sea of UNSURE OF which threatens to drown the leaders of both partys, one thing is certain, The People who have supported those two candidates do not care a bit which political party they belong to. Both candidates represent the only hope to change the status quo, to end corruption in Washington, to return the country to its rightful owner, We The People. The leaders of both partys might want to grab this lifeline quickly if they wish to stay afloat for a tad longer.


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