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Disclaimer: I am not related to any political campaign and/or party in any way, shape or form;  I am not associated with any Super Pac. I am not in contact with the candidates, their campaigns or their Super Pacs. I am not a supporter of any political party or candidate. This article is to help you filter through the noise produced by the chatters in the media.

I call on all those who have united with the ultimate goal to derail the Trump’s campaign to please stop. All the “#NeverTrump, #NoTrump, #StopTrump” should cease and desist immediately.

Okay, I know what you may be thinking right about now; this is another Trump’ supporter lunatic. Let me clear the air once and for all; I am not a supporter of Trump (or any other candidate or any political party). But I believe there is a much bigger issue at stake than simple opposition to a candidate. I am the guy who is able to soar above the fray, to park my feelings and emotions, to set aside my personal preferences in order to consider any situation objectively. Now that you know who I am, let’s get right to it.

I watched in awe – on various TV networks – a parade of political celebrities (both GOP and DNC leaders, commentators, political experts, pundits, etc.) publicly condemning Trump’s outrageous statements and “farcefully” (this is not a typo; I really intended to say FARCEFULLY, not FORCEFULLY. The choice will be obvious later) opposing his candidacy for the office of the presidency.

I also watched in amazement a number of celebrities (Politics, Sports, Business and yes even religious leaders such as Jerry Falwell Jr.) who have come out in support of Donald Trump.

I further watched in disbelief some of the same people who have adamantly made a case against Trump and also offer to support him if he becomes the nominee. Put differently, those “I do not want Trump to represent my Party” individuals will nevertheless support him as the nominee; in other words, they FARCEFULLY oppose Trump but they’re okay with him.

And I become confused.

Which is it? Is Trump okay or is he not? He cannot be both unfit to represent “your party”, unfit to be president and okay to be the nominee.

That’s one of the reasons I am against the “Stop Trump Campaign”, the other has to do with the millions of people who have voted for him. Now, let’s look at my reasons in greater details.

Trump’ Supporters?

They DO NOT matter a bit, I kid you not.

Here is how CNBC reported a GOP delegate’s position on the matter “Political parties, not voters, choose their presidential nominees, a Republican convention rules member told CNBC, a day after GOP front-runner Donald Trump rolled up more big primary victories.”

Here is verbatim what the delegate said during the interview last week (March 16, 2016) “The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That’s the conflict here, Curly Haugland, an unbound GOP delegate from North Dakota, told CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ on Wednesday. He even questioned why primaries and caucuses are held.” Did you get all that? You might want to sit down for the next one.

As if that weren’t enough to discourage the Trump’s supporters, Republican chairman Reince Priebus made it crystal clear in an interview accorded to CNN on Monday, March 21 2016 that even if Donald Trump were to get 1,236 delegates (1,237 are needed to become the nominee), he would not be considered the nominee.

Despite the rift between the frontrunner and the rest of the GOP, this is not at all unprecedented; since the existence of the Republic, there have been several brokered conventions in both parties. Brokered convention was usually triggered by the fact that two candidates have amassed equally number of delegates. However, this is the first time that one candidate may end up with a majority of the delegates but will be denied the nomination.

As of this writing, but for a miracle, it is certain the Republican Party is heading again to another contested convention. The Party would pick a nominee (at the Convention in Cleveland in July [18-21). Although Trump decried the process as unfair – which it is – the GOP leaders do want to get rid of Trump at all cost; they are willing to risk alienating his supporters in order to save their own political career. The outcome is also certain that the nominee picked at the Convention is not going to be Donald Trump.

Could this be considered Democracy or Demagoguery?

In a democratic system such as the one we have here in the United States, The People vote public servants (mayors, governors, senators, presidents, etc.) into office. We Americans take great pride flaunting our democracy to the rest of the world. We believe so much we have the best democracy that our government has waged countless wars across the globe in order to export our democracy to those “undemocratic” countries. Our government uses dictator style approach to force our democracy unto other governments we deem to be undemocratic. We claim everywhere that we hold the Democracy banner.

Unfortunately, contrary to widespread belief, The People here in America DO NOT have much say over who is elected president. Without delving into complex details, suffice to say that “The People” DO NOT vote presidents into office. A president is voted via a process called Electoral College. For instance, in 2000, Al Gore won the popular presidential contest by 50,996,582 while George W. Bush got 50,456,062; in other words, Al Gore won the popular vote by more than 540,000 votes but George W. Bush won 271 Electoral votes while Al Gore got 266; 270 are needed to win the presidency so George W. Bush became the 43rd President of the United States. So much for the Democracy!

Before the advent of social media, the world believed “We The People” in America decide how the government runs which may explain why people across the globe have been running away from their own governments to come to America where they believed freedom reigns, where they believed The People decide who they want to represent them. But social media changes all that; the world is now able to see firsthand that America is only as free as those in power say it is. The world has been watching live stream of police brutality against The People (usually blacks such as in the Ferguson, MI case) who protest the government and the ruling class such was in the “Occupy Wall Street” case. But those examples would be ruled local issues by those who want to reject my premise outright; in fact, they already have and most in the country have embraced the explanation for the rejection. Unfortunately, the explanation is completely wrong and my premise still stands.

The country will be witnessing firsthand that The People’s votes DO NOT matter a bit. Only this time it is most certain there will be riots, not just at the Republican Convention in Cleveland, not just in a few places in the state but riots will continue to haunt the elections throughout the process of choosing the next president. There will be riots at various voting booths in the general elections. The country will forever be scarred by a process which was supposed to be democratic. Donald Trump’s ghost will continue to haunt us for great many elections to come.

Campaign against Trump

Of course, most Republicans who have jumped into the #NEVERTRUMP bandwagon would walk back their position offering an illogical rationale (forgive the oxymoron) for preferring Trump over Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, despite the fact that they’ve already concluded that 1) Trump doesn’t represent their Party 2) Trump is unfit to be Commander-In-Chief 3) Trump is Unstable 4) Trump is Dangerous 5) Trump alienates people 6) Trump is a liar 7) Trump is a dictator 8) Trump incites violence but somehow those same individuals are able to justify supporting him over Hillary. Even the most insane individual, deprived of all reasoning ability, would be able to figure out that it doesn’t make any logical sense to embrace something or someone which is deemed bad or wrong. Unless of course those individuals who want nothing to do with Trump but will support him if he becomes the nominee are as sick as or worse than the most insane individual. Or could those “#NEVERTRUMP but will support him if he is the nominee” individuals be more insane than the most insane individual?

If you’re confused at this point, I did a great job illustrating how ridiculous it is for anyone who claims NOT to want Trump but will support him if he’s the nominee. If you’re one of those individuals, it’s time to check with your psychiatrist; you really, seriously need help (there is no sugarcoated way of saying it). And if you know someone in similar predicament, s/he needs help to.

Put differently, the Republicans are so insane they’re willing to gamble the future of the country at any cost, even to support a candidate they deem unfit, insane, unstable, a demagogue, incapable etc. There is never any blatant proof (such as this, such as now) which exposes the Republicans for what they really are, callous opportunists who would watch the country go down in history as “what used to be the greatest country in the world” instead of supporting the opposing party which offers a more or less sound solution. It is unbelievable! GOP (leaders and supporters), insanity is neither a strategy nor a solution. As I said many, many times before, politicians in Washington don’t “give a hoot” about the country, don’t care a bit about the electorate. “Country first” (used by John McCain in his 2012 presidential bid) is just a slogan, just like “Make America Great Again” is.

I said all that not to support or reject the premise that Trump is bad for the country; as much as I boast being able to predict the outcome of presidential elections (I’ve been right for the nth time so far), I do not have a crystal ball to predict whether Mr. Trump would be a great, good, bad or mediocre president if elected. The big issue however is not whether those callous politicians (the most vocal ones are Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell) are right or wrong but rather if they are right in their assessment of Trump, there is absolutely no reasoning – they can offer (both Rubio and Jindal offered plenty) – which would justify any of them to even contemplate the possibility of supporting Mr. Trump (Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal & Ted Cruz promised to support Trump if he is the nominee).

There is no amount of spinning which could explain the irrational decision to support Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton based on the premises discussed earlier in the section. Once again, my argument is not in support or in rejection of the premise that Mr. Trump is bad for the country. My objective is to bring attention to the fact that if Donald Trump is “so bad”, one cannot justify supporting him even if he becomes the nominee. To suggest otherwise is to offer a criminal a free pass (no punishment) if he can manage to escape.

But what if Donald Trump suddenly changes his behavior to that of a “normal, regular, typical” candidate, would he then be accepted as the nominee?

Stay tuned for the next page of political madness

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