Marco Rubio For President – Another Time


Marco is stressed out

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Disclaimer: I am not related to any political campaign and/or party in any way, shape or form;  I am not associated with any Super Pac I am not in contact with the candidates, their campaigns or their Super Pacs. Oh, I am not a supporter of any political party or candidate either. This article is to help you filter the noise produced by the chatters in the media.

Marco Rubio began his bid for the presidency with the BEST announcement speech. He should have exited the race at CPAC four days ago (Saturday, March 5, 2016) with the memorable speech which kept the audience on its feet the whole time. That would have been the best decision for his political career. Now, even a win in Florida in the March 15 primaries may be unable to save him; a loss is probably the end of the rope for Rubio unless he is picked as VP by Trump or some future Republican nominee.

After 24 states cast their votes in the primaries, the Republican darling Marco Rubio proves beyond a reasonable doubt he is still able to win the nomination. After an utter disappointment on Super Tuesday where he won one state (1) out of eleven (11) and a humiliating defeat on Super Saturday where he won zero (0) state out of four (4), Marco declared that things look great from that point on. He could be on to something; in fact, while nobody was looking, Marco won a decisive victory in Puerto Rico, claiming 71% of the votes, adding 23 more delegates to his overfilled delegate bucket, leaving his challengers scrambling for a lifeline. But the celebration over the Puerto Rico victory did not last long; while he was still sipping the first glass of champagne, another four-states primary (Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho & Hawaii) held yesterday, Tuesday 8, 2016 got Marco even more excited than ever; he lost all four states, coming out third and fourth, picking virtually zero (0) delegate. That’s enough excitement to wake up the dead. Marco Rubio said it best, “the real race begins in Florida” on March 15, 2016. Of course I am being sarcastic.

I must admit that I am baffled by a few aspects of the Marco Rubio’s “movement” 1) he is comparatively doing as bad (worst in some cases) as most of the candidates who already dropped out of the race 2) he has the “Superman” courage and the unbelievable faith to see victory over the horizon 3) he is not pressured to exit the race.

That is quite a movement with a rapidly decreasing following; “little Marco” doesn’t even notice. He is pressing on. He is running the race like a blindfolded horse with no care in the world but determined, confident that in the end he will be victorious.

Brace yourself for some more excitement in the Rubio campaign for the March 15 primaries, just a week from yesterday when the Florida winner-take-all primaries take place. That’s where Marco Rubio is going to shock the world. You see, from the very beginning while he was losing primaries after primaries, he knew all along what he was doing; he set it up that way. Marco hated the fact that Donald Trump was getting all the attention in the media, so he came up with a brilliant strategy, to lose everywhere; it worked. As it is obvious by now, all the networks have one person in focus; drumroll, it’s Marco Rubio. They want to know what’s going to happen if he loses Florida. Does he still have a path to the nomination? Marco got everyone exactly where he wants them; he gets everyone to talk about him. He “saved the best for last”; he’s been waiting for that moment to surprise us all. Now that he gets everyone’s attention, he is going to prove to all his financial backers and supporters he is everything he claims to be, he is the Republican savior, the Conservative they all yearn for. He is the One (as Morpheus would say in the Matrix). I can’t wait!

Per the Rubio’s campaign, a victory awaits the Senator in Florida in the March 15 primaries. Before the date sneaks up on us, let’s take a look at the head start Marco gave to the other challengers; here is a brief look at where the Republican candidates are before the March 15 primaries where four (4) winner-take-all states (Florida, 99; Ohio, 66; Missouri, 52; and Northern Mariana Island, 9) may stamp out any hope for Marco Rubio “to regain the momentum and reclaim the lead” he thought he had. As per, here is where the race is at before the Tuesday 15 primaries.

As you can see, Marco Rubio gave a very long head start to both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. He know what he’s doing. That’s why Marco is so bullish about the March 15 primaries; he might just win Florida and the Republican Party would have to rally behind him and say, “well done Marco! Well done!” From that point forward, it would be smooth sailing for Marco. Donald Trump will have a hell of a time to catching up with him. Marco will grow wings and fly all the way to the convention with the Superman cape he may have to borrow; after all, who would refuse a cape to a hero?

Not too long ago, before the Texas’ primaries (Super Tuesday), Marco was urging Ted to get out of the race so he could take on Donald; Ted should have listened to Marco. Ironically, after Super Tuesday, it is Ted who’s been asking Marco to get out of the race so he can take on Trump. But Marco would not hear of it; so, he digs his heels in and screams he’s not going anywhere. Well, I take that back. He did say he’s going all the way to the convention. His strategy, “I will collect as many delegates as possible”; that’s a brilliant strategy Marco!

Maybe, after the elections are over, Marco should have a TV show named “Everybody loves Marco”, assuming he doesn’t make it to the White House of course. And Marco is right to want Ted out, to deny Trump the nomination; most leaders in the Republican Party have already thrown their support behind him. He is the one the Republican Party wants as its nominee but there is one small inconvenience, in a democracy, it’s the voters who decide. Darn it! Have you even seen a team playing at home with the crowd cheering and yet cannot manage to even score once? Well, that’s not Marco. On Tuesday, March 15 2016, Marco will show everyone what he’s made of; he is tough, he is resilient, he is a winner and he swears that he will be the next president of the United States.

Seriously, can someone wake Marco Rubio up! Please! He is all stressed out.

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