Susan Hedman – A Deadly Woman


Dr. Susan Hedman

Dr. Susan Hedman


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Take a very good look at the woman pictured above. Take your time. Great! She is a very beautiful lady, right? But don’t let her beauty fool you. She is as deadly as a Cobra. It is rumored that her name did show up in a KKK profile list; since we are not able to verify the information and all effort to reach Dr. Hedman has been unsuccessful, we are unable to provide further information. However, we will continue to attempt to reach Dr. Hedman to provide her the opportunity to deny the allegations and reject the rumors. Why does it matter whether she is a Klan member? Well, rumors are rampant that Flint, a predominantly minority city, may have been purposely targeted.

This week, as the country celebrates the life of a wonderful woman, Nancy Reagan – the wife of the late president Ronald Reagan – who helped her husband shape the country, the world even we are also forced to face the unfortunate reality that it is very difficult to look at a beautiful woman such as the one featured here and conclude that she is a wonderful human being. Not at all!

The woman in this article could very well be the devil in person. She is very cold hearted, evil and downright disgusting. I usually reserve such harsh language for the worst of mankind. Well, she is qualified as such. It is impossible to imagine that anyone would knowingly let his/her neighbors fall within the grasp of a deadly disease, contagion or plague. And yet that woman featured here did much, much worst than that. Even in the old days when the only means of communication was to pass a message verbally to the next person until it reached the intended recipient or in the most advanced time in a parchment paper to be delivered to the recipient, mankind had always devised ways to warn the general public of all sorts of danger.

For instance, as it is counted in the Bible, someone who suffered of leprosy would have bells attached to his/her ankles (by a priest) to warn others of his presence and whereabouts. Without bogging down into the details of the practice, suffice to say that throughout time, society has always judged it necessary to protect itself from certain danger which may come from an individual or a minority group. And yet that woman managed singlehandedly to create devastation in Flint with aftermath comparable only to Hiroshima.

Imagine for a moment the outrage in the nation if one wakes up to the news that “a terrorist group operating inside the United States claims responsibility for poisoning the water system in New York City”. Imagine that for just a minute! Americans of all creeds, races and national origins would unite not just to condemn the terrorist act but also to demand that our government finds the perpetrators quickly and punishes them. The resources (both human and money) which would be allocated to hunt down the terrorists responsible, clean up the water system and find a solution quickly would be comparable only to expenditures for war preparation.

But that’s not what happened in Flint, Michigan; Susan Hedman, – the woman featured here – EPA Region 5 Administrator, was responsible for the environmental protection of the region but decided KNOWINGLY to let the residents in the city of Flint drink, shower and cook with poisonous water for two years. But here is what makes Susan Hedman’s action all the more repulsive; she is supposed to have had 30 years of experience in the environment protection field when she was appointed by the Obama administration in 2010. In addition, Dr. Hedman taught courses in environmental policy at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin and at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, MD. In other words, Dr. Hedman has no excuse; she is very knowledgeable in the field and was in a position to solve the problem or raise concerns to the highest level in the EPA administration. Dr. Hedman knew quite well the consequences of doing nothing in that case. Although “doing nothing” would have been bad but what she did was even more repulsive; Dr. Hedman re-assigned the people who raised concerns about the problem and hid the information for two years.

And we think the Devil is bad! Have you met Susan Hedman?

Ask yourself the simple question, what kind of human being would do such a thing knowing what would happen to the people who use the water? ISIS? Al-Qaeda? Boko Haram? Take your pick. In the case of Flint, none of the above! It was that woman in the picture who has mastered killing with a smile; she poisoned thousands of people, destroyed thousands of lives and expressed no remorse.

Yes, Dr. Hedman may look lovely in appearance but there is nothing lovely about the devil; she is ruthless, evil, heartless and unrepentant.

But the worst of the worst to those who are affected is that she will pay no price for causing such devastation to so many families.

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2 thoughts on “Susan Hedman – A Deadly Woman

  1. To accuse her of being in the KKK is disgraceful. There is no evidence of that. Zero. While she may be incompetent, that does not make her a cross-burning racist. Just putting that in a column is unprofessional.
    What is the responsibility of the local governments? The Mayor/City Mgr and the City Council? Did they drink the water? This is a case of government failure at all levels, like New Orleans and the State of Louisiana during Katrina.


    • Hi JJ Kelly, I do appreciate your comment.
      I do like to clarify however that I did not write anywhere that she was KKK. I stated that based on rumors and also that we tried to contact her to no avail.
      In regards to the rest of the comment, I do concur there is a failure across the government. I do however emphasize that “although “doing nothing” would have been bad but … Dr. Hedman re-assigned the people who raised concerns about the problem and hid the information for two years.”
      I don’t know if there could be any rationale which would exonerate her for that action which ultimately cost the lives of some and destroy the lives of many.


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