Hillary-Bernie The Express Lane To 1600 Pennsylvania Ave



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Disclaimer: I am not related to any political campaign and/or party in any way, shape or form;  I am not associated with any Super Pac I am not in contact with the candidates, their campaigns or their Super Pacs. Oh, I am not a supporter of any political party or candidate either. This article is to help you filter the noise produced by the chatters in the media.

This is part one of a two-part series on why Hillary must pick Bernie if she wishes to be in the Oval Office as the next president of the United States.

For my analysis, it is completely irrelevant who the nominee for the Republican Party is and who makes up the ticket; you should keep in mind that I am operating on the basis of my earlier predictions in November 2015 that the Democrat nominee is Hillary Clinton. Although I also declared Donald Trump as the Republican nominee in February 2016, it does not matter a bit whether that turns out to be incorrect. This is not to say I was wrong but because there is a rift in the Republican Party which may deny Mr. Trump the nomination – even if it wins the popular contest outright – through the use of delegates voting on the convention floor.

For the Democrat Party, the undeniably sure path to the Oval Office is a Hillary-Bernie ticket. Bernie alone cannot do it despite the increasing army of young people who support him. “Feel The Bern” may just go up in flames. Hillary alone is a very risky bet despite her very strong and unmatched credentials; with deep seated hatred towards her – mostly unwarranted – the Republican constituents who usually sit on the sideline would be incentivized to get up and vote even if it is mainly to deny Hillary a win. Donald Trump can singlehandedly derail the prospect of the general elections as we know it; in addition, it is reported in a March 16 article on Salon.com that out of 700 surveyed Sanders’ supporters, 500 will vote for Donald Trump in the general elections if Sanders loses the nomination and is not in the Democrat ticket. One logical solution remains, a Hillary-Bernie ticket; it should be a no-brainer. If I were to be advising the Hillary campaign, I would strongly suggest she begins the conversation with Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Bern! TheHillBern! would probably be the new slogan.

Isn’t life funny? A few months ago, Bernie was just a blip on Hillary’s radar. The Democrat Party powerbrokers had already begun activities to prepare for Hillary’s coronation; everything was set to prevent anything from going wrong. There were even rumors that the Party’s leaders pressured Joe Biden NOT to challenge HillaryPlease don’t run with that last statement; it was RUMORS – The Party’s chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz pre-arranged debates – the few they were in the beginning! – such that Hillary would be spared of any surprise which could derail her eventual nomination. In other words, Hillary was wrapped in many layers of political cushion. But what the powerbrokers didn’t, couldn’t anticipate is that an Independent Senator from Vermont who likes to be identified as a democratic socialist with virtually no influence in the Senate was going to pierce through the layers of protection and “peekaboo” Hillary. Surprise! Chairwoman Debbie must have overlooked the simple fact that Bernie was once a kid before he became that “old man” she wanted to wish away.

Jesus said to them, have you not read in the scriptures that ‘the stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone’? Have you not read? Bernie Sanders is the stone which was rejected by the Democrat party. In a twist of irony (or fulfillment of the word of God, whichever fits your belief), it is Bernie, not Hillary Clinton, which has become the cornerstone of the Party. He may call himself a socialist, for reason which is yet to be explained by him (read the article which sheds light on why Bernie may think he is a socialist) but Bernie proves to be not just a challenger to Mrs. Clinton’s nomination but rather the cornerstone she needs to lean on, hold on to and step unto in order to reach the Oval Office.

If Hillary Clinton is serious about winning the general elections, she should seriously consider choosing Bernie Sanders as her running mate. For starter, Hillary and Bernie are a match made in heaven. Very few married couples have so much in common; the only true obvious difference between this perfect couple is that Hillary still leans somewhat on “Wall Street” to finance her campaign, Bernie doesn’t, doesn’t want to, refuses to and rejects the idea altogether. To make the marriage work with Bernie, Hillary promises the groom that she already puts her boyfriend on notice that once she is married (I mean occupy the Oval Office), they can’t see one another anymore. To judge by the Bernie’s campaign tone, he seems to want the relationship to work but Bernie is still not completely sure Hillary would severe tie with her boyfriend. That seems a workable arrangement between the two and Bernie wants to give Hillary the benefit of the doubt. Despite his calm demeanor, Bernie is a very jealous man who would not hesitate to ask for a divorce if the bride doesn’t keep her promises.

Having established the parameters, I am willing to declare without a shred of a doubt that a Hillary-Bernie team is an unbeatable ticket in the general elections irrespective of whom the GOP picks as its nominee. Of course, the engaged couple (Bernie & Hillary) has to get married quickly, the earlier the better (I mean to come to an agreement soon to avoid any possibility of a scandal, for instance that Hillary may be pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby, I mean FBI finds fault in Hillary’s handling of classified information).

I know it’s early; Super Tuesday is still visible around the corner but it’s easy for me to predict the outcome of the general elections under very specific set of circumstances. I don’t even contemplate the possibility that I could be wrong. Besides, I hate being wrong, so I spent a great deal of time analyzing information, data, the sentiment in the country, the issues with very high priority for the constituents and equally important the way the candidates address issues, the way they respond to problems, to accusations and how they behave when cornered or clueless. I also take in consideration what they say after losing a debate and how they handle criticism from the press and the voters.

So, what’s the path to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for the Democrats? That’s very easy, a Hillary-Bernie ticket. Nonsense, you might think if you are Republican or leaning towards the Party. That fool (as I usually referred to anyone who doesn’t know what s/he is talking about, in this case that would be me) must not know much about politics.

Before you open the box of insults – I have an idea how you would feel as a Republican; the statement that “a Hillary-Bernie ticket is unbeatable” would take away your hope for a Republican nominee to occupy the Oval Office; I know! But if you give patriotism higher priority than political party, you might want to pick Hillary (over Donald Trump) to be your next president – and bury me alive, consider the following; whether the Republican leaders want to admit it or not – although it’s unimportant and also highly irrelevant in my analysisMrs. Clinton is the most experienced candidates currently running for the office of the presidency. Love her, hate her, the facts are the facts. Recall how much the Republican Party leaders tried to discourage her from running for president and when the strategy failed, they switched to attacking her personality, deriding her accomplishments, bringing up the Monica Lewinsky scandal (as if she were responsible for it) and encouraging Joe Biden to challenge her! Remember that!

Stay tuned for part two, coming soon.

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