Now that the Iowa frenzy is behind us, to kick off the black history month, we invited a young black, upcoming and promising artist TheRealPGoods (or simply PGoods as he prefers to be called, pronounced without the <S>) out of Boston, Massachusetts to give us a peek of his latest work. We got quite lucky. PGoods took some time off just to indulge us in what he described as his most important creation, a song titled “what-if”. PGoods is a singer, songwriter and lyric producer; what sets him apart however is not just his passion for the music but also his hope and desire to change the world through his talent. To that end, PGoods is already making waves towards moving society to better race collaboration. In his latest song “what-If”, he attempts to take his audience to a world where the order of things is reverse from what it is today; PGoods hopes to awaken the inner soul which guides us all and tells us when we are doing or saying something that is wrong. What-If “whites” were brought here in America as slaves instead of “blacks”; what-if whites were subjected to the same physical treatment blacks were put through; what-if whites grew up poor instead of blacks? Although PGoods seems somewhat restrained to talk about race relations in America, the song represents a window to his soul, his passion and his desire to see a better world.

Remark: This is a draft version; it’s free to download, to enjoy, to distribute. PGoods is currently working on a refined, paid version.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JUEKW6zBWE&w=854&h=480%5D


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