Donald Trump & Huffington Post Feud Continues

Donald-Huffington Feud


Every passing day, not only has Donald Trump managed to outdo his latest outrageous statement with another outrageous statement but he has also managed to drag with him the Huffington Post publication which is becoming more and more like Fox Opinion (known and referred to by most as Fox News).

I was in the middle of writing about, well, really breaking the news about who in the Republican Party will be the nominee – by now, you must know that one of my abilities is to correctly predict the presidential nominee before it becomes obvious to all; if not, read this – when I heard some disturbing news about Donald Trump. I know what you may be thinking right about now, what else could possibly be disturbing about Trump? Everything is. Oh, that’s not what you were thinking about? Well, I guess that was close enough. Jokes aside, in addition to Mrs. Arianna Huffington – Huffington Post co-founder – urging the media to change the way Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign activities are covered and reported on, a number of high profile Republicans (referred to by themselves and others as Christian Conservatives) came out to denounce Donald Trump and nudge the Republican constituents to sideline him. This is highly disturbing, especially in regards to Huffington Post.

We all know; well, we all have been exposed to the Donald Trump campaign circus, I mean rally. By now, you must have heard or read about his many outrageous statements. Just recently, he made another statement which should give pause to his supporters; Mr. Trump reflected that “Supporters would stick with me if I shot someone ‘in the middle of Fifth Avenue’”. Would they? Maybe, they would; after all, they’ve been with Donald through “thick and thin”; they’ve brawled for him; they’ve kicked opposition for him; they’ve insulted others for him; they’ve yelled at protesters for him. Who knows, they might cover up for him after “he shoots someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue”. To be fair, Mr. Trump was just making the point about his supporters’ loyalty. Be as it may, however loyal Trump’s supporters are, we can all agree that Mr. Trump is in dire need of expressing raw emotions without using “off the hook”, outrageous statements. Donald Trump is in dire need of being schooled on how NOT to be obnoxious. Or does he do it just for show? Could it simply be the behavior of an adult with a teenage tantrum? Whatever it is, we all tremble at the idea that Mr. Trump could become the Republican nominee and shiver with fear he may even become the next commander-in-chief.

We all have formed opinions about Donald Trump, have we not? He makes it very easy. You don’t have to be a thinker; you do not even have to be a writer. So, it is not at all surprising that Mrs. Arianna Huffington (or anybody else) would have some ill comments about Mr. Trump but what’s disturbing is to have a member of the media making such public “dis-endorsement” of a candidate, inserting herself in the middle of a political season. It is that very aspect of unethical journalism I cannot stand, that someone in the media would publicly campaign for or against a candidate; the media should not be an instrument to manipulate the constituents. How many times have I complained about Fox Opinion doing exactly that! Even Huffington Post has criticized Fox Opinion for similar behavior, and yet Huffington Post has joined hands with the likes of Fox Opinion to express opposition to Donald Trump. This is highly disturbing.

I am not at all qualified to condemn anyone who dislikes Trump, be it Arianna Huffington or anybody else but Mrs. Huffington is in a very precarious situation; she embodies the publication she founded. Her dislike of Mr. Trump cannot be used as a free pass to ignore journalistic principles. How can Huffington Post call out Fox Opinion for its bias if Mrs. Huffington is out doing the exact same thing? Besides, she is not out campaigning against Ted Cruz who is in substance as toxic as Donald Trump. So, why has Arianna Huffington singled out Donald Trump? We’re very familiar with all the “negative” attributes, obnoxious, bigot, vile, arrogant, did I say obnoxious, Mr. Trump has been labeled with but it is an insult, a major insult to even attempt to silence his supporters; by the latest polls, – FOX: Trump 34%; CBS: Trump 39% – Mr. Trump seems to have a good chunk of the constituents who are willing to support him all the way to the White House. Of course, within a week time (Iowa Caucus is February 1, 2016) we will know for sure whether Trump’s perception of his supporters’ loyalty is correct.

As journalists with ethics, our job is to provide the constituents with unbiased, unadulterated information so they can make up their minds. It’s already bad enough with “Fox & Friends” where the viewers are lied to constantly, bombarded with falsehoods, distortions and deprived of all ability to think for themselves, the rest of the media must not give in to personal emotions, as Mrs. Arianna Huffington has already done, in order to preserve the small glimmer of hope for an unbiased media future generations may be able to enjoy.

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