Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio Are Barred From The White House



A few days ago, I wrote an article with the headline “Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio Are Not Eligible To Be President”; you have to admit it is a bold statement. I must either be totally insane or I know something nobody else does. Well, it’s the latter.

I know what your reaction may have been when you saw the title; if you’re a Democrat, you may not care much who becomes the nominee for the Republican Party but if you are Republican, you probably quipped, rolled your eyes. Worst, you probably skipped reading the article altogether. If you are a supporter of Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, you may have even cursed me for thinking such nonsense, let alone write about it.

Let me re-assure you my intentions are to simply pass along factual information; what you do with the info is not part of the deal. Besides, I have no control beyond dissemination of the information. Having cleared the air, let me say it would take a miracle for either Ted or Marco to be elected president in 2016. You never know; miracles do happen at Christmas time but there is one small problem if one were to hope or wish for a miracle, the voting for the next president is not until November 2016. I doubt any Christmas miracle can stretch ‘till November 2016.

What makes both Ted & Marco ineligible to become the next president of the United States? No, it’s not because they’re both of Cuban descent. It is simply because they are both seated Senators. Recall I also added Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham to the list? Well, those two do not stand a chance to even get the nomination, so it’s irrelevant to discuss them as becoming the next president. If you follow the logic, by now it should be obvious what I am implying, no seated senator will be president in 2016. It doesn’t just apply to Republicans, Democrats as well. Put differently, Bernie Sanders cannot be president in 2016 either. It’s probably a moot issue with Sanders as well; as you may recall, I already wrote about Hillary as the inevitable nominee for the Democrat Party.

Nevertheless, my statement is unambiguous; no seated Senator will occupy the Oval Office in 2016. How can I be so sure? To be on the safe side, I did point out that only a miracle can change that. There is another instance where I could be wrong; I’ll come to that later. The question that must be going through your mind at this point, why is it impossible for a sitting Senator to occupy the Oval Office after Obama? After all, Obama was a seated Senator when he was elected president. I am glad you know history; that’s what I want to talk to you about.

You see, since the creation of the Republic, there were only three instances of a seated Senator who became President. – Well, maybe it can increase to four instances you may be thinking or hoping or wishing; hold your horses. We’ll take a look at that later – There was nothing common or special about those seated Senators who became presidents. The three senators were Warren G. Harding (1915-1921 as Senator; 1921-1923 as President), John F. Kennedy (1953-1960 as Senator; 1961-1963 as president) and Barack Obama (2005-2008 as Senator; 2009-present as president). However, there was a rather interesting pattern which seems to emerge among those three senators, a very long period of time would pass before the next seated senator was elected president. It would be 38 years for Kennedy who was the second senator to move from the US Senate to the Oval Office, and 46 years for Obama, the third senator.

Umm! Glug! Glug! Glug!

It is also worth noting both Harding and Kennedy did not finish their terms; both died within two years in the Oval Office. Harding, 29th president, died of natural cause while on tour in California on August 2, 1923, he was 58; Kennedy on the other hand who served as the 35th president is believed to have been assassinated in Dallas, TX on November 22, 1963 by a lone gunman (Lee Harvey Oswald) who was later shot by Jack Ruby while in police custody, Kennedy was 46. Obama, the third individual who won the presidency while serving in the Senate, may have ended the curse of his predecessors who only spent two years in office. Not without controversies however; in his second year in office as president, Obama faced a growing movement, the “Birthers’ campaign” to remove him from office as the illegitimate president claims intensified. The Birthers believe that Obama was not born in the United States and is not thus an American born citizen, one of the few requirements (and the most important one) to be eligible for president. It is worth pointing out that Donald Trump was and still remains one of the most vocal “Birtherists”.

I mentioned earlier there is another instance where I could be wrong about the statement in regards to Ted & Marco’s inegibility to the Oval Office. Well, I also mentioned earlier that Mr. Obama ended a two-year in office curse for a seated Senator-turned-President. Is it possible he may have also broken the pattern? You know, the pattern for another seated Senator (Read Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio) to have to wait for a very long time before becoming eligible to occupy the Oval Office. Both Ted’s & Marco’s supporters would want to think so, would like it to be so. This is one area where both would thank Obama wholeheartedly to have opened the door of opportunity for either to become the next president. Don’t hold your breath however; history has a way of repeating itself.

Of course, neither Ted nor Marco nor their supporters would want to believe that’s going to happen to their candidate of choice; after all, they’re not superstitious people. They believe in working hard, galvanize people so they can win the election. Nothing can stand in their way. Much like all supporters who believe their candidate is “the one”, Ted’s & Marco’s believe those patterns are coincidences which need to be broken or obstacles which need to be removed; both Ted and Marco are up to the task except that both (or either) can make history but no one is allowed to create history.

So, what’s the verdict for Ted & Marco? It’s gloomy unless Rudolph is able to light up the path with his bright red nose.

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