Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio Are Not Eligible To Be President



Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio WILL NOT be President in 2016; they just can’t be. They are so much alike, they even share the same political fate. Read on!

Jeb Bush & Chris Christie have a real shot at the nomination; here is why. The two candidates (Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio) the Republican Party and most supporters have their focus set on and their hope to reclaim the White House WILL NOT BE president (more on that later). Ben Carson who was at some point the frontrunner and the possible savior of the Republican Party has written himself off the possibility to become the nominee; so, the Republican Party is left with the two most logical choices of candidates which may help reclaim the White House, Jeb Bush & Chris Christie.

What makes it possible for Chris Christie & Jeb Bush to bounce to higher level and possibly become frontrunners or even one to become the nominee?

The simple answer is… Well, there is no simple answer. But I can say with a high degree of certitude that the following candidates would require a miracle to become the next president of the United States; Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul CANNOT become president in the 2016 presidential election cycle. Why in the world would the Republican Party want to nominate someone who cannot become president? In my next column, I will explain why that is. So, both Jeb Bush & Chris Christie stand to gain the most from the four senators’ misfortune.

I am not kidding; nope, I am not even trying to be funny. Contrary to popular belief, Chris & Jeb are big guys (no pun intended); they are politicians, have thick skin, are used to rejection but most importantly they are both very determined to become the nominee. That is serious recipe for success. I used to think “they were done too” but the last Republican debate of 2015 last Tuesday, December 15, 2015 got me to re-evaluate all the candidates; – I have yet to provide Ted Cruz’s profile as measured against the other frontrunners – what I discovered is rather interesting. My method of assessment is unconventional, admittedly; I “don’t go with the flow” unless “the flow” happens to coincide with my assessment; so I am not expecting anyone – supporters, political strategists, analysts and even psychics – to agree with my assessment. But I do want a promise from you once it becomes obvious to everyone else that my assessment is correct; you agree to promote my blog in all social media free of charge, you also agree to subscribe to my blog without hesitation and complaint; you agree to tell your friends and family members to subscribe to my blog or force them to do so if necessary. Now that we have a contract agreement, let me give you a peek at what I found after re-evaluating the candidates.

It may sound like a wish that Chris Christie would have a chance at the Republican nomination, let alone Jeb Bush. In fact, immediately after the last Republican debate of this year, political analysts described the exchanges between Bush and Trump as a great night for Jeb but added it could be too little too late. CNN also released the debate’s “Winners & Losers”; both Bush & Christie are among the winners of the night. My re-assessment of the candidates put both Bush & Christie not just as winners of the last debate but also as possible future frontrunners.

A couple of weeks ago, on December 5, 2015 I posted a profile on Marco Rubio and mentioned Jeb Bush’s erroneous perception of Rubio as an obstacle to his nomination. I did also point out that Jeb is rather irrelevant considering the fact he’s been steadily falling in the polls, the last of which puts him at 3% nationally. By any measure, it’s difficult to imagine he could turn it around drastically (miracles do happen at Christmas time however), let alone become the nominee. Similarly, Chris Christie hasn’t been doing well either; the last few polls put him at 4%, 2% & 3% percent respectively. RealClear Politics which has been keeping tracks of the presidential candidates clocks Christie at a 2.9% average in the polls; Jeb Bush fares better at a 4% average. To put it in perspective, Donald Trump, the current frontrunner, is clocked at a 33% average (11 times higher than Christie and 8 times higher than Bush), Ted Cruz at 16.1%, Marco Rubio at 12.6% and Ben Carson at 12.0%.

What makes my assessment seem a bit odd is the fact that while Jeb Bush & Chris Christie rating have been steadily falling in the polls, others mainly Ted & Marco have been rising. So, why in the world would I jeopardize my 100% accuracy streak of presidential outcomes? Well, I am not. Although I am no psychic to predict what would become of Donald Trump – I have yet to figure out any of the candidates’ strategy, making it a tad more difficult for me this presidential election cycle than all previous ones to select the correct nominee before it is actually obvious – but I have boiled the list down to the candidates who will survive the race beyond the first round of voting (Iowa, New Hampshire & South Carolina). In no particular order or importance, the candidates are: Donald Trump (obviously), Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush. My predictions by no means signify that all the others would drop out of the race immediately after the first round – although I suspect some may bow out even before the first round is over – but they will become largely irrelevant. For instance, if Rand Paul keeps any of his father’s political characteristics, he would not give up until “hell freezes over” but his presence would probably be largely ignored. And if the networks hosting the debates set a high threshold for participation, Rand Paul would most likely fade away.  I do expect candidates Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, Carly Fiorina and Mike Huckabee to quickly exit after the Iowa caucus in order to avoid further embarrassment unless of course there is a drastic turn of events in Iowa; very unlikely but one never knows. In the world of politics, everywhere presents a Las Vegas opportunity to strike it rich, so to speak.

So, what makes it possible for Chris Christie & Jeb Bush to bounce to higher level and possibly become frontrunners or even the nominee? Oh, I almost forgot. Those who are current frontrunners will gradually lose steam and watch in regret their hopes go up in smoke. Think of the reversal frontrunners like a football game where the losing team suddenly wakes up to the reality it is losing the game.

To sum it all up, Bush & Christie will rise from the graves; Cruz & Rubio cannot be president in 2016. What the hell!
closely; in a future column, I will provide irrefutable facts for dismissing Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio as the next president of the United States.


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