U.S. We Have A Problem!



The Presidential Elections this time around are not like any other; it’s probably the worst. Notwithstanding the fact that most politicians in the Republican Party want to be presidents – I mean a large swath of the party; okay, it’s only 16. I know, it was 16; it’s 14 now. You get the point – the constituents cannot rely on the media to filter through the good, the bad and the ugly. The media has long become part of the problem in American politics. Much like the two major political partys, the media is starkly divided into two major camps, the left which supports the Democrats and the right which supports the Republicans.

The few journalists which are impartial usually don’t have a loud enough voice to wave the constituents towards their direction. As such, I know the country is in serious trouble and the hope for a change is nothing short of a miracle. Interestingly, there are now more people who seem to express interest in the primary debates; whether it is a Trump factor is widely irrelevant but extremely important. The ideologues have now a much larger audience to sway their way which spells very bad news for America.

Last night (Wednesday, October 28, 2015) I tuned to watch the third Republican primary debate; fifteen minutes into the debate I tuned off to watch Bewitched. – Bewitched is my favorite show; it’s not syndicated. I acquired all eight seasons on DVD; I really don’t mind watching the show over and over and over, especially after a disappointing start of a presidential elections debate such as the one last night. I needed something to take the bitter taste out of my mouth – I tuned off because I was turned off; I made two major observations: 1) the hosts seemed unprepared, unqualified and disorganized 2) the candidates had one major thing in common, to knock each other out. But the major turn off was the fact that most (if not all) candidates could not articulate a vision for the country, a path forward and yet, the roaring of the audience would lead one to believe that something good was happening. So, I know we have a very serious problem in America; disqualified and biased journalists, incompetent candidates for the office of the presidency and a very ignorant constituency, all of which makes up for nothing but trouble ahead.

Give it a minute however and you’ll have everyone line up behind his/her party as if the party stands for something substantive. Well, most constituents are ignorant; nothing else, nothing better can be expected from them. As it stands today, it seems even hope is an illusory concept for the rest of the country, at least those who still have a functioning brain. How does one restore faith in American politics? The tainted pot, the constituency, seems completely unwilling to change its behavior, incapable to make that happen. The politicians have no incentives to do otherwise; they are politicians after all. The only possible remedy is for the media to become what a media is supposed to be for any people, its voice, its watchman, its conscience and its advocate. Can it be done? Will it happen?

Paging Fox Network! Paging NBC! Paging ABC! Paging CBS! The United States of America, the shining beacon on the hill, the land of the free is in serious trouble.

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