2016 Election Update – Democrat Nominee Is…

Democratic presidential hopeful and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a roundtable discussion with members of the small business community at Capital City Fruit on April 15, 2015 in Norwalk, Iowa. Hillary Clinton continues to campaign throughout Iowa as she makes her second bid for President of the United States.


The Democrat nominee for the 2016 presidential elections is, drum roll, Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Please! Please! Do not roll your eyes. I know what you may be thinking just about now, who doesn’t know that, right? Duh! Okay, just about everyone could predict an obvious outcome, especially since Joe Biden decided not to throw his hat into the ring.

But what makes the announcement official – that Hillary is the nominee for the Democrat Party – and the outcome certain are you’re reading about it in this blog. Yep! Until you read it here in this blog, it’s just “blahbery” (blah, blah, blah). In other words, you can now rest assured what the outcome is going to be when the primary elections are over. I know! It is very easy for anyone to come to that conclusion, right? Even a caveman could do it. Well! It was that obvious in 2008 when Mrs. Clinton bid for president.

For a very longtime now (since she left the post of Secretary of State in 2013), the Republican Party has been focusing its attention on just one candidate, Hillary Clinton. In 2008, the Republican Party focused all its attention on, drum roll, Hillary Clinton, a very familiar scenario indeed. Why? In 2008, all political pundits (both Democrat and Republican alike), political analysts and experts, and oh yes even the psychics came to the inevitable conclusion that Hillary Clinton would become the nominee of the Democrat Party. Except that did not happen! Nobody could possibly beat Mrs. Clinton then according to the experts, except that somebody did.

There was however one single soul, me, alone, by myself very early on, before the first debate even took place (April 2007), who not only predicted that Hillary would not be the nominee but most importantly predicted that the young senator from Illinois (Barack Obama) would both clinch the Democrat nomination and become the next president of the United States.

So, it is not without deliberation I say unequivocally today that Mrs. Clinton will be the nominee for the Democrat Party in 2016. It’s not because others are saying it; it’s not even because it is so obvious (it was quite obvious in 2008 but it did not happen) but after in-depth analysis of Mrs. Clinton handling of various situations, her approach to social issues, the sentiment of the constituency and yes how much she has re-invented herself and how much easier it is for her now to communicate her vision for the country to her audience that we are able to say without reserve that she is the nominee for the Democrat Party.

So, if you are Democrat, rest assured that no level of noise, no amount of scandals (translation: email-gate) can derail Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. It is a done deal. Mrs. Clinton is the nominee for the Democrat Party. If you are Republican, Hillary Clinton will be the opponent for your candidate. Any hope for someone else is lost; any hope something big could change that is a wish that cannot ever come true; the gods of elections have already made up their minds. It’s Hillary vs the Republican nominee.

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