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Donald Trump Vegas

Donald Trump Vegas


I Pick Donald Trump.

How could you support Donald Trump? I was asked. How could any serious individual support Donald Trump? Some (serious) people reflect there are better choices out there; for instance, Ben Carson is a smart guy; Carly Fiorina is a successful business woman. What the hell is wrong with people nowadays? Others reflect shamelessly. Most people in the media are inclined to make a case against Donald Trump for president but they are the same people who have complained continuously about corruptions, deceptions, lies, gridlocks in Washington.

  • First, let me clear the air in regards to why I pick Donald Trump. I am under no illusion that Donald Trump has the spine to go all the way – although I suspect he may prove me wrong –
  • Second, I do not pick Donald Trump, hoping and praying he’d become the next president – although I suspect it’s not a farfetched idea.
  • Third, even at this point it is unsure what Donald Trump’s endgame is; it’s not even clear whether he really wants to be president. It seems at best he wanted to prove to himself that he can run for the highest office in the land and at worst he can disturb the election process – although I suspect that has already started.
  • Fourth, I would not vote for Trump if he were to clinch the nomination for the Republican Party – although I suspect it might not come to that.

I pick Donald Trump because he’s doing a great service to the country. Everyone (Democrats, Republicans, Independents) who bids for the seat of the presidency has fundraisers working around the clock contacting “those with large pockets” to contribute towards their campaigns. If you think for just a second – you don’t even need to think for that long – why do wealthy people make large donations to a presidential candidate (or anyone running for public office)? What’s in it for those donors? One thing is certain, it’s not out of the goodness of their hearts. Anybody who supports political campaigns (with large donations) expects something in return. Can you guess what those donors want in return? No matter how many times you hear a candidate for public office say s/he is not going to Washington to do favors; regardless how convincing such politician may sound, rest assured s/he is lying. Nobody, I emphasize that nobody just hands over hundreds of thousands of dollars (millions in some cases) for the sake of it. How many times have we complained about Washington partisanship gridlocks? How often have we complained about the corruption, the deceptions and the lies out of Washington?

Well, it’s one thing to complain about something; it’s a completely different beast to do something about it. So, how do you break the cycle of politicians in the pockets of large donors? The answer is quite simple, you break the cycle. It so happens that’s exactly what Donald Trump is providing, a way to break the vicious cycle of electing one politician after another knowing it’s hopeless and the outcome is the everlasting status quo in the “Sin City” (I mean Washington). One thing we know for certain about Mr. Trump, he doesn’t have to bend to anybody’s whims because he takes no donation from those large donors (at least for now). Granted not everyone can follow Trump’s footstep; not everyone has enough cash to refuse donations. But one must admit that a Trump’s administration could indeed work on behalf of “The People”. I can deal with his obnoxiousness, something, I am rather certain, would go away if he were to become president (update: I was wrong about the obnoxiousness going away). Without going into details, suffice to say that the President of the United States is not only surrounded by an army of advisors but he is also limited by what he can say and/or do. Is it not obvious yet for instance that Barack Obama is powerless regarding the gun control issue?

Now, in regards to those who claim there are other smart candidates one can pick from; it’s true but they all fall into the same category of candidates in the pockets of benefactors. They receive large donations; they are indebted. Besides, Trump is also a very smart, educated individual, a very successful businessman (update: boy was I wrong about that!).

While I do agree with most that his methods are unorthodox but with Trump, you get what you hear, what you see. The other candidates however tell you what you’d like to hear (all politicians do), what’s expedient and what would get them elected. Trump is raw, that’s good for our political system. All the other candidates change their positions on issues depending on the direction of the political wind. Trump is raw; I wish there were more like him. Yes, he has insulted people along the way. We can all agree he is not the most refined individual but we know exactly who he is, where he stands. Trump doesn’t have to take position on issues to please donors; he doesn’t have to watch his language.

So far, he’s been doing a great job being Trump. So, the question on everyone’s mind is: Is Donald Trump president material? But that’s not really a question; that’s not even what those individuals really mean to ask; that sounds more like a rhetorical question. Worst, the very premise of the question suggests those individuals are fine with the way business is conducted in Washington; they’ve always been okay with deceptions, lies and hypocrisies of the politicians. They are simply reaffirming their loyalty for the status quo in Washington. Trump – or anyone like Trump – is unacceptable. They want someone who lies to them (update: Trump has as well); they want someone who can deceive them (update: Trump has as well); they want someone who doesn’t give a hoot about them as long as s/he says or s/he does. Donald Trump is a disruptor; coincidentally, that’s exactly what our political system needs. To complain about Washington does not change anything. “The People” have been complaining for over two centuries now but nothing has happened. Anyone who claims to be tired of politicians’ deceptions and lies, tired of the corruption in Washington should not find it a bit difficult to support the Trump’s movement. Otherwise, they should all shut up and continue to swim in the dirty water of corruption flowing for centuries on the streets of Washington. (update: little did I know that Trump’ swamp would be stenchiest)

I would like to see changes in our political system. I would like to see something different from aspirants to the highest office. I would like Washington to be given back to The People. I pick Donald Trump. Who do you pick?

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