2016 Election Update – The Greatest Show


Tonight the greatest show on earth is on CNN at 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time; I am not talking about Houdini, the greatest magician who’s ever lived performing live; he can’t. He couldn’t escape death in 1926. Nope, I am not referring to a Las Vegas ultimate show attraction either; I am not even alluding to JayZ and Beyonce on tour. Nothing can come close to the show tonight; it’s the ultimate, the most anticipated, the show that will take your breath away.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Republican presidential debate! Slotted for 8pm EST at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, the eleven top poll ranking Republican candidates will face off in a Do or Die debate. Despite the loyalty pledge signed by Trump a few days ago not to fork away into a third party bid, tonight may be the decisive moment to test his commitment. Mr. Trump, the front runner, will be the main target by the other candidates; they will go after him with a vengeance. Most specifically Jeb Bush who has been doing very poorly in the polls lately will make it his job tonight to take Trump down. Oh, what a show it will be! Viewers, beware! If we know one thing about Donald, he is not one to back down from a fight. It’s certain tonight will be no different.

Will Carly Fiorina, ex-CEO of HP, the only female, benefit from all the wrangling among the male candidates? Quite possibly but let’s not forget Ben Carson who has quietly moved up the ranking; per the latest poll, Mr. Carson (23%) is now a close second to Donald (27%). All other candidates – especially those (Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Rand Paul or even Marco Rubio) who were expected to fare well – would consider tonight their opportunity to squash Trump once and for all; that would be a big mistake. The danger of going after Trump on live television could be catastrophic for anyone (including Jeb Bush) who dares to:

1.- Despite the ridicule endured by Donald Trump from comedians and a sector of the media, Mr. Trump has proven time and again he’s able to soar above it all and press on with his message. You don’t have to like Trump; you don’t even have to like his message but his approach is something to be desired. Understandably, Mr. Trump doesn’t have to cater to large donors; which makes Donald impervious to compromises all other candidates are subjected to. For the constituents, it is the best thing that has happened to presidential elections; it is the best thing that has happened to politics in America since the creation of the Republic. Thus far, no candidate has challenged but his message delivery.

2.- While other candidates may be contemplating how to get away with murder, I mean Trump, Mr. Trump is slowing crafting policies, refining his messages and appealing to more and more constituents. And he has been quite successful. When Mr. Trump jumped into the race for the White House, his favorability only matched that of the Congress; it was very low. However, despite being unhinged in the campaign trail, not only has he managed to climb to the top spot of the Republican ranking but he has also changed his image and his favorability has skyrocketed; as of this writing, at least two thirds of the Republican voters would be fine with Donald Trump as their nominee.

While the show promises to be entertaining beyond imagination, there could be major casualties among the candidates. Any candidate (or host) who dares to go after Trump will suffer his wrath and that of the voters; such candidate would be signing the inevitable death of his/her candidacy; that candidate will be going through the same door Rick Perry did. There is however one slight hope, pray that Trump “stumbles on his own”.

Enjoy the show!

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