Republican Party Picks Joe Biden For President

Vice President Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden


Oddly, the Republican Party has switched allegiance; it now fully supports Joe Biden, a Democrat as the next president. What exactly is going on?

Whatever happens to the Republican Party! No, I am not referring to the extreme positions of some of the candidates bidding for the office of the presidency. I am not talking about the party which took an oath to oppose everything Obama either. I am not even referring to the party which blames Democrats for everything that goes wrong but attributes what goes right to some fluke of nature. No, not any of that! I am talking about the Republican Party in its entirety including Fox Opinion (known and referred to by most as Fox News) which seems to be leaning Democrat. Seriously! I am not kidding.

Almost all Republicans have been on their knees praying for Joe Biden to announce his candidacy for the 2016 presidential election cycle; they’ve been encouraging him, incentivizing him, giving his ego some boost. They have gone as far as suggesting he would be a great candidate. Joe Biden? Great candidate? Those two expressions cannot possibly be used in the same sentence. What exactly is going on? Even Dick Cheney – yes Dick Cheney, the Dick Cheney, the one and only – jumped into the bandwagon of nudging Joe to run. Is the Republican Party in the process of disbanding? Are we heading towards a One-Party system? No to both questions.

Here is what seems to urge Republicans towards the Joe Biden ship, “Hillary Rapture” is near. There is a fear in the Republican camp it could be catastrophic, disastrous to the party. At this time, there is very little hope the rocky journey, the constant turbulence of the Republican vessel would be able to weather the aftermath of the Rapture. For starter, Donald Trump everyone initially wrote off as irrelevant has defied politicians, political analysts and experts to keep the top spot of the Republican Party since he announced his candidacy for the post of the presidency of the United States. Mr. Trump has been keeping everyone guessing as to what’s going to happen next. As of this writing, Donald Trump is the one candidate leading the discussions on all issues.

In spite of the Republican candidates ganged up on Trump for his comment about McCain’s hero status and Megyn Kelly’s blood coming out of her everywhere comment, Mr. Trump has continued to hold the highest rating among voters. Clearly, the ganging up strategy didn’t work. After many unsuccessful attempts to sideline him, the Republican Party caved in; its chairman Reince Priebus personally delivered to Mr. Trump a Loyalty Pledge Mr. Trump signed to promise he would not run as a third party candidate – The pledge cannot prevent Trump from running as third party candidate – . That move in and of itself suggests that the Republican Party is running scared but most importantly has no strategy to handle unexpected situations such as the Donald Trump surge, as if it is a bad thing. In one hand, they would like to wish Mr. Trump away; in the other, they don’t want to upset him for fear of his wrath, him running as third party candidate.

To paraphrase Mr. Trump, every time someone comes after me, that individual drops in the polls. Candidates for president, beware! Jeb Bush who has been steadily dropping in the polls decided to take his chances; he has been going after Donald Trump in attack ads and during interviews. And yes, Jeb Bush has dropped in the polls – he was warned – while Mr. Trump continues to hold the top spot. According to NBC News/Marist latest polls, Mr. Trump has 16 points lead over his closest competitor John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, who snatches the second place (from Bush), Ben Carson is third; Bush is now in fourth place clocking at only eight percent (8%). Governor Scott clocks at four percent (4%) and Marco Rubio at three percent (3%); all other candidates clock at less than one percent (1%) according to the polls.

It is quite clear why the Republican Party fears the upcoming Hillary Rapture event. Despite major setbacks suffered by Mrs. Clinton for her use of private emails while serving as Secretary of State during Obama’s first term presidency and the seemingly loss of support which goes to her closest competitor, Bernie Sanders, Independent Senator of Vermont, the Republican Party fears that once the email saga is over, Hillary would most likely, quickly rally back her supporters and blast off to becoming the nominee for the Democrat Party.

This is not to admit that Republicans are correct in their assessment but that’s what they fear would happen. Republicans also fear that Donald Trump is not “politician enough” (Mr. Trump is not a seasoned politician) to face off with Hillary; so, the desperate strategy is to open attack on two fronts 1) to entice Joe Biden to run which would help split the voters between him and Hillary; Republicans also believe Biden is much easier to defeat – probably not true – in spite of Hillary’s current trouble 2) to pray Donald Trump stumbles and leaves the field to seasoned politicians. Most Republicans lean towards Jeb Bush as their favorite who may have better than average chance to take back the Oval Office.

Despite wishes and prayers invoking the gods of Elections to grant one last favor, that of having Joe Biden run for president, the Republican Party is not at ease, and for good reason; it should stop praying and wishing. Joe Biden is not going to seek the office of the presidency. As tempting as it may be, Joe Biden is a very pragmatic individual; family issue aside, Joe Biden may not have the wherewithal to sustain a long and demanding campaign to the end; Joe knows it too. The only obvious winner, if Joe were to run, is the Republican Party. Joe knows that too. Joe would not hand such gift to the Party which has criticized him throughout his tenure as vice president; Joe Biden is not running for president.


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