Donald Trump May Be The Savior Our Political System Needs

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Disclaimer: I am not related to any political campaign and/or party in any way, shape or form;  I am not associated with any Super Pac I am not in contact with the candidates, their campaigns or their Super Pacs. Oh, I am not a supporter of any political party or candidate either. This article is simply an attempt to provide objective opinion about the candidates/issues to help you filter through the noise produced by the chatters in the media.

Thursday, August 6 2015, the top ten poll-rated Republican candidates took to the stage to outline their vision for America. What a joke that was! I usually expect politicians to be themselves, being politicians meaning to avoid answering questions properly, to avoid answering questions directly, to blame others and to offer no solution for real problems. Last night was no different; every candidate on the platform would repeal Obamacare (what would it be replaced with? the moderators didn’t ask, probably didn’t care), would oppose everything Obama. As expected, a fanatical audience, with absolutely no interest in substantial debate, cheered every word by every candidate. That was sheer entertainment; Donald Trump trumped them all; blaming “the stupid leaders…” for everything which goes wrong in the country, Donald Trump offers himself as a solution for every ill this country has, from being trillion dollars in debt to having trouble defeating ISIS, and of course the illegal immigrants illness that has plagued the country for decades.

Yes, politicians were just being politicians; they put on a show as best as they could. I always expect the moderators to steer the debate towards meaningful discussions of issues, thus providing the audience the opportunity to decide which of the candidates offers the best solution. Most unfortunately, not at all surprising however, Fox hosts were just being Fox hosts; from Megyn Kelly who didn’t waste time to go after Trump right from the start, the debate was right out of a Hollywood playbook, the show must go on. I couldn’t help wondering whether anyone – in a leadership position – in the Republican Party really cares about the country. Of course they say they do; of course they tell you they do but it was very clear from last night debate that all the candidates have one common goal, to defeat the Democrat Party and win the White House but no candidate offered any outline of a solution for any of the myriad problems the country is confronting.

What exactly was the audience cheering for? I couldn’t help musing. In a televised debate for the highest office and the most important job in the country, one would expect the moderators to press the candidates for solution on outlined problems, to demand details and to force the serious candidates (on the platform) to self-examine in regards to the job (of the presidency) they are all after. To my chagrin, Fox doesn’t care about the country either, as much as they lead its audience to believe otherwise. Neither the candidates made an effort to present the audience with any solution for any problem nor Fox hosts pressed for any of them to explain their vision for the country. It’s not really about the country; it never is as far as the Republicans are concerned, it’s about winning the White House. Republicans believe they can talk their way into the Oval Office – and they are right – as they had done many times in the past, thanks to a loyal fan base who cheers them much like fans cheer for their favorite sport teams, completely ignorant of the consequences of their choices.

I am beginning to understand that maybe, just maybe it is a useless exercise to try to educate the constituents, to attempt to appeal to their pride for their country instead of a Party. Maybe that’s the reason it is so frustrating; maybe the wish for an educated people capable of thinking for themselves is just that, a wish. I digress.

What should the country then expect to happen down the road? At the very least we know where Donald Trump stands; he may run as a third party candidate if he does not clinch the Republican nomination. As much as the media wants you to discard Trump as a non-alternative for the presidency, you’d be foolish to go along. Mr. Trump may not be a refined individual (which he publicly acknowledged), we can all agree with that; incidentally, this is not a requirement for the job of the presidency either. Donald Trump’s off the cuff statements, comments and reflections regarding issues that concern most are what’s needed in this election cycle to break the status quo, remove the political jargons from the debates and force all candidates to address the issues and offer solutions. As funny as it may be to see or to hear Mr. Trump on the stump, it is as serious and as important for all Americans to encourage him to stay in the race. If Donald Trump does not win the Republican nomination, he should run as a third party candidate; I personally would welcome such move.

The two parties (Democrat & Republican) we have in our political system are self-serving, why would anyone object to another party that could help change the political landscape and steer the conversation towards issues that are important? If you are most concerned about your de facto party (be it Democrat or Republican) you could have a problem with Trump running as a third party candidate. If however your priority is the country and the future of your offspring you’d appreciate not just a third party candidate but several other parties’ candidates.

The politicians in Washington may not like the idea; the candidates running for the seat of the presidency may dislike it because it may jeopardize their chances but the constituents, the voters should cheer for alternatives to the status quo in Washington. It is good to have options, several options. Donald Trump may not fit your envisioned personality of a president but he is certainly forcing changes that would have not otherwise been made, conversations that would have otherwise not taken place. I welcome Donald Trump and many others like him to run for office. Maybe, just maybe Washington may be brought to work for the sake of and on behalf of “The People”.

Run Donald! Run!


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