The Supreme Court Is Supreme In Its Ruling


Disclaimer: This opinion is neither an endorsement nor a rejection of Same Sex Marriage; it seeks to expose a much bigger issue surrounding Same Sex relationships.

Warning: If you are against the Supreme Court ruling on Gay Marriage and/or Obamacare, the argument below requires that you have common sense; please, do not proceed if you think you may be deprived of such commodity; at the very least, seek the help of a psychologist before proceeding.

The Supreme Court’s ruling last month (June 2015) on two very important issues (Gay Marriage & Obamacare) has put in display the great divide in the country between Republicans and Democrats, I mean Republican Officials and Democrat Officials, the constituents are just caught in the middle or simply following the officials much like “Moutons de Panurge (Sheep of Panurge) being taken to the slaughter house. That’s the greatest irony! In America, democracy simply means that two very distinct groups/partys (the Republicans & the Democrats) who have “taken a vow” to oppose one another, to fight one another, to simply be on the opposite side from one another no matter what. That’s the full theater of democracy in America. If Democrats are for “something”, Republicans are against it regardless. If Republicans (or Democrats, vice versa) don’t have it their way, it must be wrong, it’s surely unconstitutional, it has to be against what the country stands for, the list goes on and on. And the constituents? Well, it’s a story for another day.

It’s easy to deal with politicians taking extreme position or uttering non-sense; we are talking about politicians after all. Anyone who has a speck of common sense would know that politicians do what’s beneficial to them, what’s good for their political career, what rewards those who have financed their campaigns irrespective of the cost to the constituents (you are a constituent). So, it should be no surprise that most Republican officials, especially those seeking the office of the presidency – It’s campaign season, remember – have rushed to denounce the Supreme Court favorable ruling on Gay Marriage & Obamacare. Every single Republican Presidential Candidate had made a negative comment regarding the Supreme Court ruling; it’s wrong, the Supreme Court has overstepped its role, the Republican Appointed Justices have betrayed their party (I thought the Supreme Court is supposed to be independent of party affiliation in their opinions). Ted Cruz went as far as suggesting turning the Justices into elected officials; translation, Ted Cruz wants to change the Constitution to satisfy his whims and desires. Yep, the same Ted Cruz who has vehemently opposed (and fought tooth and nails against) any change to the Constitution regarding anything (well, except for what he doesn’t like). It’s a pattern that’s too blatant to ignore.

So, what exactly is wrong with the Supreme Court ruling regarding Gay Marriage and Obamacare that got all the Republicans riled up?

Regarding Gay Marriage

Five days ago on June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court renders same sex marriage legal in all fifty states; translation: same sex couples don’t have to go (or move) to another state to get married; the waiting is over. In the words of Justice Anthony Kennedy, “They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law, the Constitution grants them that right… No longer may this liberty be denied.” Who in America would oppose freedom to express, to love, to be? Then again, who am I kidding? The very people who have professed to love, who are supposed to be compassionate, kind and understanding, the very people who chose to have a war erupted over the dispute of the abolition of slavery in the country. Yes, the group who was against the abolition (those who want to be called Christians) chose to go to war (against the other group who wanted the abolition) instead of coming to the logical conclusion that slavery was wrong; the pro-slavery group proved to be deprived of common sense, completely blinded by the desire to keep slavery around, filled with hatred and malice. Unfortunately, it is that same group who once again proves to be completely deprived of common sense, let alone love; it has now transferred its belief, its energy, its drive to oppose, to fight against what is now the law of the land, same sex marriage. If history is any guide, there could be a showdown between the two camps. Maybe, that’s how Armageddon begins!

Joke aside, I’ve seen both sides of the coin; I understand both sides. I have parents who are very much against same sex relationships; they think homosexuality is nothing but perversion, a twist of the natural order of things. I also have relatives who believe what matters most in a relationship is that two people who love one another should not have to explain or justify their love to anyone. My position however is shaped by society’s obsession and constant failure defining (and redefining) which group should be what and how that group should behave.

  • In Europe, during a period extending three centuries (1450-1750), well over 70,000 women were executed; society tagged them as witches because of their look, their physical appearance. Here in the United States, the infamous Salem, MA’s “witch trials” in the spring of 1692 gives a peek to a dark side of American society during that period.
  • In the United States, at the end of the 18th century and during the first few decades of the 19th century, society (including the framers of the Constitution, scientists and other public figures) continued to display its dark side, classified the black race as an inferior group and thus treated blacks in the most inhumane way.
  • In the United States, even after the abolition of slavery, society had set mechanism in place which prevented a group (the Blacks) from having any say over the elections of officials who were supposed to represent them; the marginalization of blacks was so prevalent that it took an Act of Congress – Voting Rights of 1965 – to overcome legal barriers set at the state and local levels which prevented blacks from exercising their right to vote under the 15th Amendment of the Constitution.
  • In the United States, despite relentless effort by women, dating back 1848, to obtain suffrage rights, society had continued to marginalize women; it would take almost three quarter of a century (71 years) for Congress to modify on August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment, providing full voting rights for women nationally.
  • In the United States, just in the past decade alone, society had marginalized another group, the Gay Community; in June 2015, the Supreme Court had to intervene to set the record straight, that all individuals regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation… are protected under the Constitution of the United States.

In all of the above cases, there had to be backlash, protests in order for society to accept and adopt what should have been from the onset; even so, society has always proven to be reluctant to completely accept what it has opposed in the first place. Blacks are still struggling like before the abolition of slavery; blacks are still put through hoops regarding their voting rights; women are still compensated much less than men and homosexuals are still treated as outcasts. Since the beginning of time, society has always targeted a group.

Any man (or group of men) who wants to impose his way, his belief unto others has already proven to be deprived of a rational mind; such man would always resort to evil means (coercion, threat, torture or threat of torture) to achieve his objectives.


Regarding Obamacare

By now everyone, including even those who may be living under a rock, has heard or knows about Obamacare. – Even aliens may have been briefed on the topic – Since the introduction of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) aka ObamaCare in March 23, 2010, the Republican House of Representatives voted 67 times to repeal it, much recently in February 2015. Insanity, they say, is to do the same thing over and over and over again and expect a different result. Well, the Republican Party has won the Insane World Cup. Or is ObamaCare so bad that it has to be repealed at all cost? Watch the video below to bypass the talking point and learn what ObamaCare is all about. I must admit that I am baffled by the Republican Representatives’ campaign against Obamacare; here is in a nutshell the gist of the Affordable Care Act (ACA):

  • Insurance companies can no longer deny you insurance because of pre-existing conditions. Let’s say you (or a loved one) are diagnosed with cancer during an unscheduled visit to the emergency room. If you don’t currently have insurance, you would have been out of luck before Obamacare; you would have to pay all treatment expenses out of pocket. You don’t need a PhD to figure out Obamacare is good for everyone, regardless of political party. Why would anyone want to get rid of that? (That’s what Repeal Obamacare wants to do)
  • Your children (up to 26 years old) are now covered under your insurance. Before Obamacare, your children were covered under your insurance up to 18 years, 21 if they were in college. No need to get a degree to figure out Obamacare is good for you, for your children, for your family. Why in the world would anyone want to get rid of that? (That’s what Repeal Obamacare wants to do)
  • You can get insurance through your employer or buy it in the open market. Before Obamacare, to buy insurance on your own was prohibitive because of the cost; today, your premium may be subsidized by the government to offset some of the cost. Can you come up with a rationale to end that?
  • If you’re not able to buy insurance, you can be covered under Medicare. For those who are unable to buy insurance (income is very low or they are unemployed), they’re able to obtain health care treatment through the Medicare program. You may not care much about this particular program but millions of Americans are unable to afford insurance


Despite what’s said about Obamacare and Gay Marriage, you may have a good rational to be against one or both; share with us why you are for or against Obamacare & Gay Marriage.

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