Fox And Racism Could Be Roommates


The biggest obstacle to race relation (and other important social issues) in America is Fox Opinion Network, known and referred to by most as Fox News Network. Any black who falls victim to gun violence, police brutality is explained away by Fox hosts in ways which defy logic. The hosts are usually consistent: the victims are always to blame if they are black.

In light of the South Carolina church shooting, it seems appropriate to revisit Race Relations in America. Most unfortunately, if you watch Fox Opinion (listen to Rush Limbaugh or pay attention to any of the “Christian conservative” radios and blogs) you’d be luckier to win the lottery than to find a host to admit the massacre was an act of racism, despite the very fact that the perpetrator himself clearly indicates that’s what this is about. Fox Opinion has been at the forefront, leading the “mass denial campaign” of any social issue that impacts Blacks. As I mentioned in the previous article, the biggest obstacle to race relation in America is Fox Opinion Network (et al.) Most people like to think there has been tremendous progress since the Selma to Montgomery, AL march in 1965; blacks and whites alike point to the Martin Luther King era as a turning point in race relations in America. I’ve always believed that either the rest of the country is delusional or I am the only sane individual, or is it the other way around?

Before rushing to single me out as the delusional party, let me explain; I do not deny the series of events (or milestones) one can point to as “progress” in race relations: blacks are no longer slaves, blacks are allowed to vote, etc. could be used as proof of progress. Not too long ago in 2008, the election of a black man (Barack Obama) to the highest office in the land is used over and over and over again as the latest proof that discrimination in America is a thing in the past. Isn’t all that progress in race relations? So it seems. If one looks at those events in light of knowledge and education acquired by those who discriminate (display bias or prejudice), the progress we have touted is very short in relevancy. In the past, science (twisted for the purpose) claimed that blacks were inferior to whites; put differently, since blacks were inferior, to treat them as sub-humans (like any other animal) was an acceptable practice. The very people (our forefathers) who drafted the constitution claiming that “all men are created equal” had no qualm having blacks as slaves. Fast forward to the 21st century, science has debunked the previous claim and yet the behavior towards blacks has grown less and less friendly; society has put a system in place (in education, in opportunity, in the criminal justice system, etc.) to keep blacks from advancing . Relatively speaking, there is no progress whatsoever (in blacks’ advancement in America).

Since the election of Barack Obama for instance, more blacks have been stopped and frisked, arrested, given longer sentences than whites and indiscriminately killed by those (cops) whose primary job is to protect them. For well over half-century now, blacks have always decried the injustices done to the minority group; whites have shrugged it off as exaggerated, ludicrous, and downright deceitful. It was not until the past few years that the use of phone cameras has brought to light the frequent injustices blacks have been subjected to, on the streets, in schools, at the workplace and even in stores they have patronized. In the face of so many incidents, reluctantly some whites have begun to admit silently there is a problem without suggesting that should be addressed or dealt with. With Fox Opinion leading the charge against any solution in race relations, it should not be difficult to understand why half the population (Fox’s audience) in the country is not in any hurry to remedy the situation; as far as Fox & Company are concerned, the Blacks have it good, too good perhaps.

The series “Lie to Me” written about Fox Opinion’s business model generated a number of emails from angry readers who discard those articles as mere fabrications; they demand proof. I must admit that was the biggest challenge I had to tackle, not because of lack of proof but rather of the abundance of such. I ponder whether it was a trick demand. Whosoever wants proof needs to spend just five minutes with Fox, and yet the demand is to give proof. I know right away it would be the most difficult task; how do you reason with anyone who has already sets his/her mind that Fox Opinion is a News Network? Instead of listing examples that are (without doubt) hundreds of miles long, I decided to offer the following: on those rare occasions when facts are broadcasted on Fox Opinion, it makes news; what other proofs can one possibly want? Why does any of that matter?

Anyone who looks for others and for ways to satisfy their bias has committed the most selfish act; Fox’s audience is (unequivocally) guilty of such. Fox’s viewers are among the most selfish in the nation, some more so than others. The viewers who admit that Fox Opinion is bias and yet continue to use the network as their source of information and knowledge are at the top of the selfish group; that’s a problem. Selfishness is not just personal; it affects loved ones (those who are close to you, friends, family, neighbors); it impacts the society you live in. It chips in through the fabric of what makes a society cohesive, coherent, strong, great. Selfishness is a silent killer. To be selfish is to contribute towards the extinction of the human race; to accept others’ selfishness is to be an accessory towards mankind destruction. Fox has always justified its selfishness by its relentless quest for broadcasting conquest at any cost, including humans’ casualties – it’s no accident Fox has always sided with the crime perpetrators (George Zimmerman in the Trayvon case, now Dylann Roof in the SC church shooting) instead of the victims, especially when the victims are black – as long as it satisfies its audience craving of bias, prejudice and discrimination. Yes, Fox Opinion is indeed an obstacle to race relation in America and a disservice to future generations.


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