Lie To Me


Lying is a conundrum. It’s not nearly as black and white. It is very complex, no matter how simple the scenario is. We lie to get out of unwanted situations or whatever society dictates as unwanted, unacceptable or downright wrong situations; we lie to get rid of someone; we lie to have someone punished; we lie to get ahead; we lie to look better; we lie to look better than the other or the others. We lie all the time; we even used attributes to qualify our lies; white lie to signify a minor falsehood, it is also used to simply hide the actual truth, duh! If someone says I love you but doesn’t mean it, is it a white lie or is it just a lie? I digress.

We lie because, well we can’t help it. Even those who profess to abide by the truth – especially those who profess to abide by the truth in all circumstances – are usually the most unsuspected liars. They usually hide behind religious principles that to lie is a sin, an express train to hell so to speak; therefore, they would not lie even to save their skin. I lie, I mean I digress.

Lying is embraced, appreciated and even revered. Fox Opinion (known by most as Fox News) has always understood that. One would be hard pressed to find a host at Fox Opinion to say anything close to the truth, and yet for the past decade the network has held top spot in viewing audience. Fox Opinion’s audience is not “blissed”; it’s proven time and time again that lies, blatant lies, outrageous lies are always on the Fox Network menu and yet its audience doesn’t seem to care. Why, you might ask? Simply because we don’t just lie; we like to be lied to as well. We can easily relate to those who lie. We are in fact attracted to liars. We just don’t want you to tell us you lie to us, that’s the only requirement.

Fox Opinion crew has mastered the art of lying. Fox Opinion’s management has been capitalizing on that treasure trove, to lie is just business; to lie is profitable. While other networks (CNN in particular) have continued to pride themselves bringing the truth and unbiased analysis to your living room, Fox Opinion has been cashing in on an endless source of revenue, lies. CNN, ABC, CBS, et al have started to recognize the uncomfortable truth about Fox Opinion’s approach to broadcasting; it’s not about the truth, it’s not about professionalism in journalism, it’s not about unbiased analysis, it is just about the money.

Fox Opinion makes no qualm about lying to its audience; in fact, all its hosts seem to have taken oath to stand by any and all their lies, no matter what. That’s what Fox’s audience likes so much, liars that defend their lies, liars that backup their lies with more lies, liars that stand together, liars that have the support of their employer; that makes for a profitable, a very lucrative business. Say what you want, broadcasting is about making money. Fox Opinion is very good at it; it’s nothing personal. It’s just business. The TV show “Lie to Me” aired coincidentally on Fox Networks between January 2009 and January 2011 had an all-time high average rating of 8.7 among its audience, according to Go figure!

Fox Opinion’s audience is said to be – at least that’s what the group wants to be referred to as – Christian conservatives and yet one of the basic principles of Christianity is “thou shalt not lie.” (Exodus 20:16). In the book of Proverbs, chapter 12 verse 22, here is what the author says: “Lying lips are abomination to the LORD…” How could such a basic principle be violated, trampled on, ignored every day, in every situation? Most importantly, why use such an important principle of faith as every day tool for business? It is quite a while since comedians such as Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert had been exposing Fox Opinion as the “den of liars”. With irrefutable proofs, Jon Stewart has for the past few years put Fox Opinion Network in display as the “Lying King”. One would think that by now its audience would have started to dwindle; that seems logical, right? Well, It’s not happening. So, why are we shocked when it’s revealed that others in the broadcasting business have been lying to their audience?

In the next column (Lie to Me – Part 2), we will look at famous broadcasters who have lied, and what it means for the audience, for the country, for the world perhaps.


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