Could “My Destiny” Define His Destiny?


We’ve been talking politics, dirty, nasty downright acrimonious; we debated what it’s like to measure to society’s dictate, a truly tiring exercise which may even be detrimental to your health, challenge your sanity or even drive you to do the unthinkable.

Well, we’re not any different; we’ve coped with the same problems you have; we are sometimes driven to question the very purpose of existence. But what makes us really different is how we deal with those grim moments of our lives.

No matter where you look, it’s at time depressing; sometimes, you want to simply close the doors to the world but you can’t. You have to go to work; you have to prepare the kids for school; you have to cook; you have to run a business; you have to visit someone (a love one, a friend, a neighbor) at the hospital. If only you could express how you feel. If only you could be alone for just a day, an hour or even a minute!

We found the solution; kind-a. From time to time, we retreat to something different, something that gets us to think of anything but. P.Goods is a new artist, a singer bringing his latest work, “My Destiny” to the world. We’ve escaped our world with “My Destiny”. I invite you to escape your world for a moment, listen to “My Destiny” and provide your comments; do not spare him; be brutal but most of all be honest. Could “My Destiny” define his destiny? Tell us.

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