Is John Boehner Stupid or Hateful?


It is rather ironic there is even a debate about Netanyahu coming (now in) to US (at the invitation of John Boehner of course) to challenge our own President. However one slices the impending speech by a foreign entity on our soil, it is an affront to the presidency; it is an affront to the country.

The United States of America is not governed by Israel or any other country according to our constitution; Israel is an ally and it should stay just that, an ally. It is not just a mistake to have a foreign government come to our shores to influence our policy, it is a very dangerous precedent. It is no less than relinquishing policy making to a foreign government. Why in the world the Republicans would want to subject our country to such an affront?

It is one thing to disagree with our President; it is unacceptable to have a foreign government come to our shores and publicly confront and challenge what we do here in the United States. I liken such affront to a neighbor who is invited by your kids to forcefully and publicly challenge you about the way you raise them. This is not an argument whether Boehner is right or wrong about the route the Obama administration takes in regards to Iran; it is unacceptable for any such matter to be debated publicly by a foreign entity in our own backyard.

It is perfectly okay for Netanyahu to oppose, to disagree with Obama’s policy on Iran; this is not the point being made here. It would be okay if he were to threaten to severe relations with Washington just to prove his conviction against the Iran’s deal. But it’s not okay for Netanyahu or any foreign government to come to our shores to talk to the American people about how to craft our foreign policy.

Irrespective of our friendship with Israel, such precedent will have far reaching implications in our country. There is a saying which goes that if you let someone into your kitchen, soon s/he will want to be in your bedroom. That’s exactly what Netanyahu is up to. Like clockwork, every year, the American taxpayers hand to Israel $3 billion (with a B) just for being an ally. Netanyahu is here to claim he can no longer stay in the kitchen; the worst is that the kids (John Boehner and company) think it’s okay to let him in the bedroom.

Netanyahu’s injection into our foreign policy is dangerous. Let’s imagine for one moment we go along with the premise that Iran poses an immediate threat to Israel (which it is not), we should all start reading between the lines as to what Netanyahu’s agenda is. Unsatisfied with the measly $3 billion dollar Israel received yearly from the American people, Netanyahu is here to ask the US to go to war with Iran, thus spending more money and the lives of our servicemen. I have a very difficult time finding Israel in the US map.

Is John Boehner that stupid? Or are the Republicans so resentful of Obama that they’re willing to plunge the country into the dark path of history, thus the appeal to Netanyahu to make their case. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you should be insulted that any representative in Washington would go to that length to humiliate our country, our president. If we disagree with the president, we debate the issue internally; we do not take our dirty laundry to the world. Boehner is way out of line to make that happen.

Which ally do you imagine would even invite US to do what Boehner invited Netanyahu for? Which country? Can you think of one? Newsflash! No country in the world would, not even Israel. It has not happened. It will not happen. So, why did John Boehner do it? If we should accept what John Boehner did as okay, it will be from now on okay for any house speaker (Democrat or Republican) to continue the trend; would that be okay too? It should never be okay for any foreign government to get involved in US political matters?

Put your partisan suit aside for a moment; dress up with your American suit and shout to the top of your lungs that Boehner is very stupid to have invited Netanyahu here to influence US foreign policy (towards Iran). It is our money that is spent, it is our blood that is shed when we go to war. So, why would Boehner offer our servicemen in sacrifice to Netanyahu to advance his own agenda? Is John Boehner that stupid?

Now Netanyahu, who’s next?

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