Jon Stewart For President

Jon Stewart

Is Jon Stewart running for President? It sounds farfetched, doesn’t it? Or does it? The unanticipated, unforeseen, shocking leak announcement that Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show is not so sudden after all. There is a certain element of suspicion behind such decision; it’s difficult to read between the lines – well, there is no line – Jon’s decision true reason is deeply embedded inside the comedy he does every night. From the janitor to the president, even overseas’ audience, everyone has enjoyed Jon’s satires.

Jon is well paid; – I am not here to discuss that – he enjoys very much what he does; he has very good rapport with his employer; he has great camaraderie with his employees. Best of all, he’s been very successful at depicting the world, even the horrible side of it, in comedy. Even the most cynic among us (read Fox Opinion) cannot but let escape smiles whenever we watch Jon. Jon is only 52 years old; when compared to David Letterman, Jon is a baby.

So, what in the world would get Jon to make the decision to leave a job he enjoys and gets paid for it? What in the world would get Jon to leave a flourishing career? What in the world would get Jon to leave such a job for the uncertainty? He claimed not to have any idea what he’s going to do next.

Really Jon! Really! Really!

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Since Jon is too shy to tell the world what he’s going to do next, I decided to release some information based on a short conversation I had with Jon*. Jon has been lamenting over the state of affairs of the country; Jon is mostly concerned about the social issues that have plagued the country, especially in the past three decades alone. Jon believes the country can never solve any of those problems regardless of who is in Washington; Jon reasoned that it doesn’t matter whether the White House is occupied by a Democrat or a Republican; it doesn’t matter which party holds the majority in the House of Congress and/or the Senate. Everything boils down to a very simple solution, return the nation to The People.

It is a difficult, if not impossible, task even for Jon Stewart. How does Jon Stewart propose to do that? With a smirk, Jon reasoned there is just one sure way to make that happen. Forget about changing the law on lobbying, forget about changing the law on campaign financing and forget about partisan bickering. One solution stands above all, to become the president of the United States. Are you out of your mind? I exclaimed. Jon’s silence proved how serious he was, is, not sure anymore. Jon believes he is popular enough to pull it off. Jon, do you know what that means? I advanced. You will not be able to make jokes anymore, you will be stalked by the media, blasted by opponents, accused of using obscene languages and the list goes on and on. How would you handle that? Jon, you cannot joke your way to the White House, pun intended.

Watch me, Jon said. Watch me, he repeated. So, it is within reason for me to conclude that Jon Stewart didn’t suddenly decide to leave an enjoyable, well paid job to do “well, not sure what I am going to do next”. No! nobody does that. Not even Jon Stewart. Of course, Jon can become a producer as many have suggested but Jon’s mind is far from that idea. Was Jon serious about running for President or was it just another one of his “serious jokes”? Stay tuned as the 2016 race for the White House has already started.

Jon Stewart for President! There is no greatest joke.

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Disclaimer: conversation with Jon Stewart never happens. That’s what it would have been if it were to happen.

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