Is God A Monster?


United States, a predominantly Christian nation, is very fond of Israel; after all, the Bible – used by all Christians – claims that Jesus, the Savior of the World, was born in Bethlehem, Jerusalem in Israel. As such, Israel is viewed (by Christians across the globe) as God’s favorite nation and the Jewish People as God’s chosen people. – Ironically, the Jews feel differently about the whole Jesus thing – In the eyes of the Christians, Israel cannot do anything wrong. – Who would dare badmouth God’s chosen nation? – In other words, the Jewish people have Carte Blanche to do whatever they please because after all they are children of God.


Most unfortunately, such belief has permeated the political circles of most western countries. The United States government, blindly supported by most Americans, would move heaven and earth on behalf of Israel. There lies one of the major obstacles to solving the conflicts between Israel and the Palestine. The Christians claim, corroborated by the Bible of course, that God supports Israel in everything it does, which explains very simply why Israel Can Do No Harm no matter how much harm it has done, including teetering in “genociding” the Palestinians. Israel flashes the Anti-Semitism card whenever it’s called to answer for its crimes.

Which God is foolish enough to provide anyone (country) “divine blanket immunity” against all punishments for wrongdoings? The Jewish Leaders are no more right to massacre the Palestinians than Hitler was to gassing up the Jews. As humans and as evil as we are (according to the Bible), we have some degree of decency; even our Presidents have limits to their powers, and yet God who is believed to be the source of wisdom – God is Wisdom according to the Bible – could not discern it wrong and inappropriate to endow unlimited power to anyone country. God would know better, or is He just a Monster?

If a Christian is engaged in such discussion, everything is boiled down to, “no one is supposed to understand the mystery of God”. After all, he is God; he doesn’t answer to anyone. He can do whatever He so pleases. So it pleased Him to grant unlimited, unchecked, unfettered power to Israel, his beloved country. According to the Bible, God created everything and everyone. I am not a theologian; I cannot presume to know or understand God’s grand plan. I am however certain that even the wisdom of man would preclude Israel (or anyone country) of such power and immunity.

We’ve all seen or read about wild kids (called brats) of rich parents; they get themselves in trouble all the time and get bailed out by their parents over and over and over. – Maybe that’s where God got that idea – As it should be, even those parents get tired of bailing out their brats. God cannot get tired, can he? Then again, he can. According to the Bible, he rested on the seventh day; he must have been tired if he needed to rest, what do you think? Sarcasm aside, any God who would condone the indiscriminate massacre of a people, of a nation is a Monster.

If God is Wisdom and wisdom is knowledge, Christians should be at least imbued of the understanding to grasp that God cannot possibly condone wrongdoings; after all, to condone wrongdoings (especially the atrocities committed by Israel on the Palestinians) is contrarian to the Bible which teaches love. Unless God is confused as to what’s right, in which case he would not deserve any reverence, any worship, God would not condone Israel’s atrocities, which have been going on for well over half-century.

Since the creation of the State of Israel, it has not known to do right by its neighbors; Israel has even defied United Nations resolutions, the very body which voted in favor of the creation of Israel. If God doesn’t have the good sense to punish Israel for the atrocities it has committed towards its neighbors in general, towards the Palestinians in particular, he is nothing short of a Monster. He cannot be both a loving God who hates sinners and at the same time condones Israel’s wrongdoings.

How many times do we shout injustice when injustice is done within the system established to administer justice! And our system is very, very far from being perfect but God is, according to the Bible. Is the mystery of God so complex that Israel’s wrongdoings can only be explained in the spiritual kingdom? If that is indeed the case, if the evil behavior of the Jewish leaders has God’s stamp of approval, if the atrocities they have committed towards the Palestinians are okay by Heaven, God is just a Monster. Or is Israel led by evil leaders God needs to get rid off in order to re-affirm his love for the world and publicly condemn Israel’s wrongdoings? Or is this whole thing of God-Israel a Monster affair?

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