Police Officers Are Scarier Than Gang Members

There was a time when gangs of all fabrics claimed the streets of America. Some neighborhoods were tagged as “war zones”. It is common belief there were areas that police officers would not even go to assist or help every day citizen for fear they could be trapped, ambushed or killed during gang activities. It was a time when gangs used to roam the streets and dictate to non-gang members what they could or could not do, where they could or could not go, when they could or could not leave their homes. It was such time when the very presence of a police officer patrolling the streets gave a sense of security, a sense of protection.

Today, gangsters are no longer the problem on the streets; police officers are. By all accounts, police officers are killing civilians at a faster rate than even the most hardcore gang groups used to. At least, gangsters used to kill their competitors, gangsters of other tribes and people who interfered in their affairs (illegal activities). A young man in Ferguson, MO – who was among the protesters clamoring the injustice done to Michael Brown’s family (and the community) by officer Darren Wilson (featured above) – put it best: if I have someone chasing me with a knife, and I see a police officer, I would be more afraid of being killed by the police officer than the man chasing me with the knife.” That is a very damning statement

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