Mobile+ the iPad Replacement

Mobile+ Tablet

Mobile+ Tablet

The world has not even had the time to assimilate the flood of new electronic gadgets yet that talks about a brand new tablet, MobilePlus, is already on the horizon. A little less than a year ago, the electronic watch frenzy was at its peak but had slowed down a bit; on September 9, 2014, Apple attempted to revive it with the upcoming iWatch due for release in early 2015. There’s also talk that Samsung is readying the launch of a brand new, stylish watch christened Samsung Gear S and there is no lack of (watch) clones to choose from. It’s innovation galore.

Mobile+ or MobilePlus, depending on whom you talk to at InterNotes Mobile Corporation, the company behind the tablet, is the first and only tablet in the world with the capability to scan, print and fax. According to the company’s founder, Mike Ducheine, Mobile+ is THE iPad replacement; “it’s not a competitor” he insisted.

Mobile+ may well be the iPad replacement; in addition to features that match the latest iPad, a matching screen resolution, CPU processing power that makes playing game on Mobile+ almost a reality, Mobile+ also features internal storage space up to 128GB; in addition, the tablet is fitted with SDXC reader that can accommodate cards up to 256GB. Even without mentioning other features, it is hard to beat Mobile+ with the basic features and functionality we’ve all come to expect in a tablet. Even in its raw form, Mobile+ speed is hard to beat. A video demo of Mobile+ scanning capability follows.

Contrary to most tablets which have limited video-camera functionality, Mobile+ sports a rotating 39MP video-camera that generates breath taking pictures. With a 50X zoom embedded into the video, one is able to record events as far as half-mile away. The folks at InterNotes Mobile Company weren’t ready to call it quit with the features Mobile+ comes with; infrared technology embedded into the video-camera allows taking pictures and recording videos in the dark.

In addition to a pairing approach that is not present in any of the devices currently available in the market, one is able to pair Mobile+ with any device anywhere in the world, Mobile+ sports a security that’s unmatched by any existing device, not even in the desktop world. According to the specs (securely guarded in a safe), once Mobile+ is configured, only the owner can unlock it; for starter, the owner’s index finger is needed to start the unlocking process; the finger must rest on the tablet for three to five seconds after which a screen is popped up requesting a userid and password. For the most secured device available today, the fingerprint along with a userid and password would have sufficed to unlock the device. InterNotes Mobile goes a step further; a 4 to 8-digit random number is sent to your cellphone which must be entered into Mobile+ in order to complete the unlocking process. The business professionals would definitely appreciate this type of security in a mobile device. Don’t fret! If you don’t carry top secret documents in Mobile+, you can apply partial security or disable it altogether. Those features are quite impressive for a startup company that is working on its first product.

Mobile+ pairing system did get our attention as well; the folks at InterNotes Mobile were able to provide a video demonstration (below) what it means to pair a device with Mobile+; once a device is paired with Mobile+, either device can be a slave or a master, both parties (no matter how far apart they are) can enjoy the same pictures, the same videos, the same games, the same sceneries while having a conversation. That is pretty cool!

With Mobile+, the conversation on mobile devices will change drastically. It will no longer be whether the new device can beat iPad, it will most likely be whether iPad can beat Mobile+. Notice Samsung is not even mentioned in the discussion. There is however one small hiccup, Mobile+ is not yet available. With fundraising currently in progress on Indiegogo, InterNotes Mobile management is trying to raise enough cash to complete Mobile+ prototype and commence manufacturing. The folks at InterNotes Mobile project that Mobile+ will be available for shipping by Christmas 2015. It’s definitely going to be a wonderful Christmas after all, if InterNotes Mobile delivers on its promise that is.

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