Scary Time in America


Halloween is here but it’s not even any close as scary as…
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I couldn’t help thinking as to when it’s never not scary in America; every single day across the country, except for a few bunker areas protected mostly because of their wealthy residents, rapes, robberies, aggravated assaults, larceny-thefts, arson and of course murders are always on the menu. But it’s scarier now. For the past few years, the country has been dealing with mass murders perpetrated by either deranged individuals such as in the case of the Sandy Hook massacre and the Virginia Tech shooting or a bullied individual such as in the recent case of Marysville High School shooting in Washington.

Coupled that with ISIS’ campaign to export its barbaric execution approach to the United States, one has a hell of a scare in life; as if that wasn’t enough, Ebola came along. Everyone has been running scared, avoiding everyone else. If you cough or blow your nose or even yawn near someone, watch the individual take off like an Olympic runner in the 100-meter dash competition. Who can blame anyone? Ebola is a deadly virus that has already claimed more than 5,000 lives in the African continent.

But what makes this time scarier is not even any of those very scary situations; nope, it’s not because Halloween is approaching either. It’s Election season, and that’s very, very scary. The politicians – aided by their mouthpiece broadcasters – are all in your face, pitching for your vote, telling you why the other guys are bad, undeserved of your vote, rationalizing that “with your help, they’re in a crusade to change Washington.” That is very spooky. Be it out of fear you’ve been sending those scary people back to Washington or out of choice, you need to pause for a moment. Contrary to the Halloween ghosts that will come to haunt you in a day or two and go away, the scary people in Washington can scare you (and they have) can harm you (and they have) but the worst is they don’t go away.

Let me re-assure you that it’s ok to be a little scared but don’t let those politicians scare you to vote them back in Washington this time; that would be very, very spooky.

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