Election Season Is Here


Let the mudslinging begin!

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Where do you fit in?

If someone from another planet (or democratic country) were to ask you to describe what US Representatives have done for the country for the past two decades, what would your answer be? To answer, you should not be related (family, colleagues, friends, assistants, interns, etc.) to the Representatives in any way, shape or form. What would you say your Representative has done for the country? This is not a question to describe the roles or the job descriptions; we all know what their roles are supposed to be. That’s not the question; what have they done for the country for the past two plus decades?

With winter fast approaching, it’s usually the time when we begin to make preparation to acquire proper attire for the cold season, boots, gloves, coats, etc. With the election season heating up, that may not be necessary just yet; it’s feeling hot in here. There is a breakneck race to keep or become the majority in the Senate. As it stands today, the Democrats are in the majority; you wouldn’t know that. The Republicans are moving heaven and earth to become the majority; their mouthpiece, Fox Opinion (known by most as Fox News) is in high gear, parading the troops to talk about how important it is for the Republicans to become a majority. In reality, it makes no difference whatsoever who is in the majority in the Senate in Washington; nothing gets done. That’s the way it is in Washington; neither Democrats nor Republicans want or care to change that.

The Republicans’ main agenda this time around is to – drum roll – repeal Obamacare; after trying for well over 50 times, they’re hoping to double that number if they’re in the majority; it’s an achievement Republicans hope to showcase during the presidential campaign seasons which begin shortly after the November midterm elections. It really doesn’t matter a bit that the Republicans become the majority in the Senate; any hope of repealing Obamacare (the golden agenda for the Republican Party) is just that, hope. Even a successful passing of a Repeal Obamacare bill in the Senate requires the President’s signature. The probability of the President signing such a bill is zilch. So, what’s the big fuss about racing to become the majority? It feels good; it’s something new to talk about; it gives hope they can influence the presidential election, and the list goes on and on and on. However, nothing in the list has you, the constituents, in mind.

It’s not about policy to lower the student bills; it’s not about policy to protect your mortgage investment from crooked institutions; it’s not about policy to hold banks, big businesses accountable for their fraudulent activities; it’s not about holding pharmaceutical companies liable for pushing toxic drugs to the market and dumping their chemicals into the waters; it’s not about holding companies that pollute the air, the water liable for their actions; it’s not about implementing policies that would provide a better way of life for all; it’s not about crafting policies to protect the weak and the disadvantaged; it’s not about policy to improve social lives; it’s not about implementing policy to protect your hard earned retirement accounts against greedy executives; it’s not about you; it has never been about you. So, where do you fit in?

It seems hopeless at times; some of us have already thrown the towel. To abstain however from participating in the election process is not a solution; of all, it is by far the worst. So, what’s the solution? Far from providing one which will impact or improve your life today, the solution is a multi-step effort which will show very slow but gradual progress; most likely, your grandkids and future generations will be the beneficiaries.

  • First, to participate in the voting process is necessary. It is the first and most important requirement; there is very little (if anything) you can influence without voting
  • Second, don’t go it alone; encourage your family, your neighbors, your friends to participate as well. There is power in number; your voice alone may be ignored but no politician would risk his political career ignoring a large group. Today, with social networks, the number matters even more
  • Third and probably equally important as the first one is to petition to COMPLETELY remove political advertising from the election process; in other words, debates should be the only venues for candidates to discuss their visions for the state or for the country. No more mudslinging!

Then and only then We The People would have achieved what our Forefathers intended our government to be, a government by the People and for the People. Your grandkids’ future depends on your participation in the election process today. A hands-off attitude and the hope that Washington will change are fools’ dreams.


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