Throw Away your iPad, Mobile+ is Here

Print with Mobile+

Print with Mobile+

Everyday someone somewhere in the world is thinking about a way to cure a devastating illness, a way to end war and poverty, a way to make life a little easier. Mankind has made tremendous progress towards that end but we still have a long way to go.

Today, someone (yours truly, Mike Ducheine) has come up with an innovation that will help carry the office everywhere. It’s a technological advance that extends the functionality, usefulness and practicality of a tablet. In addition to the general functions and features most tablets come in with nowadays, this innovation, fondly named Mobile+ (or MobilePlus) will provide its owners the ability to scan, print and fax anywhere, even at the beach if one would so choose.

However exciting the innovation may be, it will be some time before you can acquire one; the schematic diagram is still being worked on and there have been many sleepless nights and thousands of cups of coffee behind the making of Mobile+. The biggest challenges, as explained by the inventor, are to keep Mobile+ lightweight – the goal, under two pounds – and isolate the components that provide the scan/fax/print functionalities. “We want those functionalities to exist separately” says Mike; “we want Mobile+ device to continue to be operational even if the extended functionalities are disable” Mike added.

Mike’s goal is overly ambitious; he wants to unseat iPad; he humorously suggests to “throw away your iPad.” Mobile+ is here, he added, pointing to the partially filled diagram. Instead of trying to explain it all, let the inventor indulge you in the video that follows. I have high hope indeed that the day will come when illness will be a thing of the past, poverty will no longer exist and yes we will all live in harmony. For now, Mobile+ will do. Mobile+ is currently featured at raising fund to complete the prototype.


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