US Supreme Court Needs an Overhaul – Part 2



For the past decade or so, it has become more and more obvious to interested and intelligent observers that the Judiciary Branch (Supreme Court) has become less and less relevant to the proper functioning of government. The Legislative Branch (Congress and the Senate) either in collusion or in fight with the Executive Branch (the President) are able to and have been doing enough damage to the country proper functioning; there is probably no need for the Supreme Court to add to the mix, and yet it has been instrumental strengthening the arms of the other two branches against the wishes of the citizens. Conceived to be an independent arm of the government, the Supreme Court has been nothing but. That should scare the “Bejesus” out of every American citizen.

Sadly, millions of Americans have no idea what the Supreme Court does; a great many don’t even know it’s one of the three branches of the government. Most have no clue how powerful the Judiciary Branch is; some simply don’t care. Ironically, it is those very components of the Republic we proudly market to the world as the beacon of freedom.

Notwithstanding its proper functioning, the Republic format is to be envied. The Executive Branch enforces the laws enacted by the Legislative Branch; the Judiciary Branch interprets the laws. With the foresight that people with great power are usually inclined to abuse such power, our forefathers crafted the Constitution in such a way to avoid influence from being exerted on the Judiciary Branch by either or both of the other two branches. Unfortunately, our forefathers were blindsided by the circumstances of their time. Which man, if received a favor, would not be so inclined to return the favor at the appropriate time? We do not need to recall history to point to the many instances where the Justices have ruled according to the ideology of the Presidents who have chosen them. As such, the Judiciary Branch is the equivalent of a dictator’s strongman whose main, primary and sole goal is to crush the opposition; here in the United States, the opposition is “We The People”.

The Supreme Court has always been wrong, from enforcing slavery to its rulings in campaign financing.

Don’t take my words for it; in the past 2 years alone, the Supreme Court has made it possible for the country to be run by plutocrats; there is now no limit to how much the wealthy can contribute to campaign fundraisings. The Supreme Court has made it virtually OK to discriminate based on skin color; it has put an end to Affirmative Action, the last legal recourse left to challenge overt discrimination.

If it seems that the Supreme Court has lost its lackluster, it’s because it has. There is absolutely nothing supreme about the Supreme Court. While a great many advocate against any change to the Constitution, we must not be so naive to believe that a permanent hands-off approach to the Constitution is wise; after all, even part of the Bible is being revised. Time has changed; people have changed; our needs have changed and those we used to revere as wise have proven beyond any reasonable doubt they lack the wisdom needed for the job for which they were chosen.


How would you go about remedying the deterioration of the Supreme Court importance?

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