Agents of Shield


When all else fails, turn to Agents of Shield for help.

If you ever need someone to fight the unknown, you should definitely hire the “Agents of Shield” team. The agents are no ordinary people. Agent Coulson (Gregg Clark), the team lead had his share of a weird life. He died but those in charge decided to experiment; they brought him back to life but he remembered the ordeals he went through – he begged to stay dead; imagine that – which makes him a weird man but he cares for this team. Despite his hybrid life, Coulson has a heart. He’d risk his own life to save team members. Before being betrayed by one, there was a high level of trust among them. The trust took a beating. As a team lead however, Coulson spoon feed the team to keep flow of info in check but he would learn quickly that is not necessarily the best way to exercise leadership. A top brass asked Coulson for help in a very volatile region but failed to inform him that whoever is sent to complete the mission is targeted as casualty once the mission is completed successfully.

Leo (Ian de Caestecker) & Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) are the scientists, the geniuses that can make light of everything unknown; at least, they try. They work together in a lab to study weird, unusual phenomenon. If there is a way to do something, they’re the best team to do it. Don’t get fooled by their scientists look; Leo can kick butts. Well, not really; he can shoot. Best of all, he is very good at running and hiding when things go wrong. Don’t take my words for it. Watch him outwitting the enemy.

Melinda (Min-Na Wen) has a diverse set of skills (No, it’s not Taken). She is very good in martial art combat; she prefers hand combat but if circumstances dictate it, she will use a weapon. The weapons “The Agents” use are not of this world; understandably so, they’re not fighting ordinary humans. In addition to her combat skills, Melinda can fly the Shields Plane as easily as you can open a refrigerator, can you? She is mystic; she talks very little; her very look is inquisitive. No one could imagine her in a relationship, let alone sleeping with Grant (Brett Dalton).

Grant is also a martial art combat expert; he is also very good with weapon. He is muscular and commands respect. In combat situation where her girlfriend is involved, you can rest assured Grant will do everything to protect the woman she sleeps with. But Melinda needs no protection. When Grant betrayed the team, it would learn a very hard lesson from the girlfriend he used to protect. Before anyone could figure out that Grant was a traitor, he had already romanced Skye (Chloe Bennett) out of necessity. Grant knew he would need to use Skye to advance his mission.

Skye is an odd ball; her computer skills landed her in Agents of Shield territory. She was living out of a truck, outfitted with technology that enables her to investigate weird phenomenon. She witnessed Mike Peterson (J. August Richards) supernatural power by accident; that’s what would later land her in trouble with The Agents. Fortunately for Skye, Coulson happens to need someone with her skills.

Agents of Shield is your average TV program. If you’re into fiction, you might just like it. If you’re not, and you have pretty much exhausted other areas of entertainment, take a break by watching it. It’s light on the mind and might just be helping you fall asleep. Who knows? You may dream about it. You may even dream about being an agent. After all, Coulson is a nice guy. He’ll personally welcome you to Agents of Shield. Why not join them?


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