Washington is Broken, let’s Fix it – Part 2

ImageWe know Washington is broken; we also know who broke it, or do we? Well, it depends on whom you ask. Democrats accuse Republicans and vice-versa. The blame game and the finger pointing in Washington are just like high stake poker games. It’s enticing, it’s fun; most of all, it comes with full fringe benefits, all paid expenses, taken care of by the taxpayers. One would be stupid not to take advantage of all that. The Representatives (House of Congress and the Senate) enjoy the “legal” addiction to its fullest. Even junior Senators are quick to join the club, who wouldn’t? Needless to give a lecture about addiction; the victims are usually high, unaware of reality and could see everything through the rosy prism of the virtual world they live in. One should not be surprised that “those addicts” are in no mental shape to tackle any problem. Recall they live in the cloud? All of which translates to, well, Washington is broken.

There are cures for addiction, you know; complaining is not one of them; being a democrat or republican is not one of them either. The cures comprise a prolonged dispensation of several remedies, some at very high doses:

  • a few doses of voting the Addicts out of office
  • high doses of kicking lobbyists out of Washington
  • a few doses of demanding your interests be addressed by elected officials in Washington
  • a few doses of forcing the media to be Watchdogs instead of being Washington Officials spokesmen
  • small doses of staying away from biased news network (before and after dinner)
  • high doses of voting participation

Complete recovery requires persistence and continuous application of those remedies; it is a very unfortunate fact that Addicts do relapse sometimes. It is expected that the Washington Addicts would also relapse despite the strength of the prescribed cure; this is due mostly to an outrageously biased media and a very ill-informed audience. We do expect however some measurable progress once the treatment begins, and it’s all up to you. We all know that Washington is broken; it’s time to stop whining, let’s fix Washington.

What other remedies would help cure the Addicts in Washington?


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