Kim & Kanye Are Married – What’s Next?



Kim and Kanye got married, now what? If you believe the legend, the most likely next big event to happen is a long winding, disputed and public divorce. Not that I would wish it on the newly wed; however, the Kardashians, Kim in particular, like to live in the spotlight, enjoy it very much and would like to have the light shined on her for a lot while longer. Can Kanye deliver on such a toll order? Well, that’s a problem because there seems not much left to fulfill Kim’s insatiable thirst for the spotlight. How much more can Kanye possibly do to temporarily quench Kim’s thirst for the spotlight? Of course, Kanye can take Kim on singing tours but that’s tiring; tours take a tall on the body and cannot last forever. Kim can land movie deals; that may be a problem, for Kanye that is. Movie deals for Kim do not necessarily require Kanye’s contribution.

Would a second baby help? It could, but how much light can a second baby put on Kim? The public interest may not be as big as the first one. Besides, Kim may not want a second baby, especially if she already thought things through. If Kanye fails to keep the spotlight on Kim, she may not blink to walk away from him. Kim’s very existence depends on bright light that shines on her. Mr. West would be delusional to think love is in the air. Kim is in the relationship for the glamour it brings. Mr. Kanye West is running out of time. He better thinks fast; after the honeymoon, there may not be much “like” left to make it all the way to “love”. Kim is on the move.

How long do you think Kim & Kanye will stay married?


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