The Republican Party Needs A Heart, Badly


Rush Limbaugh (needs no introduction; his evil soul has preceded his reputation or is it the other way around?) found it “pathetic” that the first lady Michelle Obama has joined the millions of people around the world to express sympathy and support for the near 300 girls abducted by the “African bin Laden wannabe” Boko Haram’s Leader. When confronted for his heartless statements, instead of recognizing the problem, making an apology and joining the world in support of the victims and families, Rush doubles down, scours the internet for others (need I say Republican) like him. It is indeed sad.

It is another tragedy that Rush Limbaugh is not the only one who feels that way. At first glance, it seems that those who are simply unconcerned, inhumane, indifferent, heartless and shameless are all Republican. The main voice of the Republican Party, Fox Opinion Network features hosts (Sean Hannity & Company; Fox & Friends, Panel of Fox Opinion Contributors, ) who ridiculed the idea of the world uniting behind “#BringBackOurGirls” to provide moral support to the families of the abducted girls.

When the voices half the population in our country tunes in to regularly for “opinions” have not a speck of humanity, it’s not hard to imagine how the future generation is being shaped today. It’s easy to shrug off the importance and the effect those voices have in our lives. It’s easy to label them as political charades. Ignore them at our own peril. Karl Marx, the famous revolutionary communist of the 19th century, said that an idea becomes a force when it reaches the masses. As it stands today, Fox Opinion Network has large masses as its audience. Imagine an army of “foxes” with little to no humanity. Let’s not wait to find out. It’s much easier to prevent than to cure.

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