The Ukraine Crisis May Help Reveal the West Agenda

ImageThe Ukraine Crisis is by far the best scenario since World War II that will put to test the West real agenda, world peace or world dominance?

Thus far, the West is at a disadvantage; headed by US, the West has flexed its muscles and imposed sanctions on selected Russian officials and Russia sympathizers in Ukraine over the annexation of Crimea. Far too long, the West has always resorted to one and only one method of negotiation, the use of force. Unfortunately, having dealt with governments with ineffective armed forces and less sophisticated weaponries, the West has been programmed to resort to that method as a means of resolving issues. Such approach is archaic, unacceptable in the 21st century, and useless for the crisis at hand. Diplomacy is needed; diplomacy requires strategies but equally important it requires patience, something the West seems to lack.

Here, in the United States, warmongers such as Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, Obama critics in the media as well as his opponents in Washington – and there are plenty – have been pushing the president to take a hard stance with Russia. Unsure whether he’s right or his critics are, Obama has been vacillating between implementing the use of real diplomacy and pleasing his critics by talking tough to Russia which incidentally accomplishes absolutely nothing.

Obama critics and the warmongers know there is very little the US government can change in the Ukraine crisis; the international community knows that too. Unless the world is prepared to go to war with Russia over Ukraine, the tough talk, the flexing of the muscles serve no purpose other than strengthening Mr. Putin’s grip on power with full support of the Russian hardliners, a recipe to bring the whole of Ukraine into Russia’s fold.

What’s the point of flexing the muscles when dealing with Russia? None any logical mind can conceive. There is however some good coming out of that impasse; the West has learned the first lesson in diplomacy, do less talking and more conversing, do more negotiating and less threatening, and be patient. It works.

That seems logical and simple but the “smart” guys and gals in Washington display very little understanding in foreign relations and complete ignorance in diplomacy. The Ukraine Crisis is the first major test. The world can only hope that the West would learn fast enough not to flunk the final. Regardless of the score, Ukraine is slowly being integrated into Russia. The West real agenda will soon be revealed, world peace or world domination?


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