Donald Sterling Saga Is Much Ado About Nothing


Now, it’s official! NBA has eradicated the institution from ever having to deal with such ridiculous nonsense as racism.

After widespread criticism and public condemnation for the racist rants of Donald Sterling, owner of The Clippers basketball team, the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver has issued a permanent ban from the NBA and slapped The Clippers’ owner of $2.5 million fine, the largest allowed by the NBA Constitution.

In that unprecedented move, the NBA has finally put an end to racism. Yeah! According to the same source, Donald Sterling was the last racist left in the NBA who was spreading that type of toxin. That move re-assures the players, the fans and the public that the issue of racism will never come up again as the last racist has been dealt with.

Give me a freaking break!

The Donald Sterling saga is much ado about nothing. Mr. Sterling was born in 1933, a world away from the current generation. He lives most of his life through eras during which overt discrimination was not only accepted but also practiced. This is not to condone Mr. Sterling’s rant but rather to put the behavior in perspective. Contrary to most (blacks), I am most appreciative of those who are open with their (racist) views – at least I’d know where I stand – instead of having to live through subtle discrimination which hinders advancement more so than simple “don’t bring blacks to my games” expressions.

I do think that Mr. Sterling must apologize to the Black Community – however insincere the apology may be – to remind himself that he now lives in an era of social media where overt discrimination is no longer accepted. The campaign to buy The Clippers from Mr. Sterling is hardly a recipe for reconciliation. He must continue to be the owner if we wish for a change of heart, not just of Mr. Sterling but also of all those “who want his head”.

What would society gain if Mr. Sterling gives up The Clippers?


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