Is Amanda Knox a killer or an accomplice?

Left (woman leaving after murder) – Right (Amanda)


Left (woman leaving after murder) – Right (Amanda)


Despite the carnival atmosphere that accompanied her trial, one thing was always obvious from the onset, Amanda Knox is not innocent.

Ms. Knox should have never been free of such heinous crime, the murder of Meredith Kercher, her college roommate in Italy,(read previous article on the topic), for one thing was always very clear even in the face of the Italian Justice System ineffectiveness, Amanda Knox took a very active part in the murder.

The American public continues to believe that Amanda’s TV interviews tour claiming her innocence is good enough to exonerate her. The performance of Jodi Arias on the stand after “butchering” Alexander Travis (slicing his throat, stabbing him 29 times and shooting him, and claiming self-defense) should be a grim reminder that the most despicable killer could be wearing Prada.

It was no sheer coincidences that Ms. Knox tried to steer the investigations away from her – by accusing someone who was completely unaware of the details of the murder – or that her ex-boyfriend could not recall that she spent the night at his place (smoking joints and having sex) because she did not.

As seen on the picture above, a video that captured a woman – enhanced image may be able to provide irrefutable evidence that it was Amanda Knox – leaving the premise minutes after Meredith’s slaying would make Amanda’s alibis – to have been at her boyfriend’s – very shaky.

The release of the video will undoubtedly generate a revision of Ms. Knox’ statement in regards to her whereabouts and her alibis; after all, she smoked joints, had sex and could hardly remember what happened, except that a totally unconnected man must have killed Ms. Kercher.

Amanda is a great screen performer, so was Jodi Arias. Innocent people don’t go out of their way to pin a murder on somebody else (completely innocent in this case), unless… Suffice to say that she would’ve been better off claiming fuzzy memory, due to drugs of course.

Since we’ve subscribed to the scientific premise that “death” is the end of life, it seems rather spooky that Ms. Kercher – the victim – is reaching beyond the grave to help put her assailants behind bars. Ms. Knox should have never been released. While it is still inconclusive as to the role she played in the slaying of Ms. Kercher, Ms. Knox cannot claim innocence.



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