Our Justice System Needs a Complete Eye Exam


The Inequity in the justice system in the United States is only matched by the lack of justice in countries that are run by corrupt governments.

Meet Timothy Jackson of New Orleans, LA; he is 53 years old; Mr. Jackson is currently serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole. Mr. Jackson was arrested for shoplifting (he stole a jacket from a store) in 1996; two previous shoplifting charges and a juvenile conviction in his record take away Mr. Jackson’s freedom for life. He will never see the light of day ‘til the day he dies.

There is something inherently wrong with that picture. While Mr. Jackson is locked away for life for petty thefts, criminals convicted of violent crimes – in which they used or threatened to use violent force on their victim/s (punching, choking, stabbing or shooting) – are walking in and out of jail much like rock stars.

As of this writing, there are approximately 3,300 individuals behind bars who would not see the light of day, ever again. There is no rationale emanating from any logical mind that could justify sending anyone to jail for life for non-violent crimes. And yet, here in the United States it’s common currency.

Completely ignorant of those flagrant flaws in the justice system, we go about our business selfishly priding ourselves to belonging to a country with the best justice system in the world. That’s hardly so. The “Justice is Blind” approach has not worked for most; it’s time to remove the blindfold and take the Justice System for a complete Eye Exam.


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