Gov. Chris Christie Borrowed One Million Dollar to Pay Legal Fees

Image Hey Gov. Christie, New Jersey wants that money back, with interest.

Chris Christie is at it again. The Governor used some one million dollar of taxpayers’ money to pay for legal expenses in order to clear his name of the Bridgegate scandal. I have no personal bone to pick with the Governor. I even give him the benefit of the doubt in regards to his non-involvement in the Bridgegate scandal, though that would paint him as out-of-touch and incompetent, clearly a disqualification to seek higher office.

Irrespective of guilt, and considering that a sizable number of Sandy hurricane victims are still waiting to get help from the Governor, it’s both unconscionable and should be illegal for Mr. Chris Christie to burden the residents of New Jersey of yet another of his escapades.

The so-called investigation serves no other purpose but to promote Chris Christie’s viability as a potential candidate for president; after all, the investigation was conducted by law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher representing the Governor in the Bridgegate scandal; federal investigations into the matter are still ongoing.

Would you expect your Attorney to reveal incriminating facts about you? Don’t answer that.

Gov. Chris Christie seems to think that the New Jerseyans are too dumb to figure that out. Residents of New Jersey should petition the Governor to return the money to the State. They should not agree to pay for the Governor’s personal legal issues. Mr. Chris Christie has been sticking it to NJ residents far too long; it’s time New Jerseyans return the favor.

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