The Joke’s On You


It’s beyond understanding how a network that ONLY disseminates fabricated information could be doing so well both in rating and financially in this era of social media. It’s baffling. In the unlikely scenario that I didn’t give enough hint for you to guess, I am alluding to Fox News, referred to from this point forward and in any future document as simply Fox Opinion.

It matters very little which topic is in play, from climate change to well everything. One should not expect Fox Opinion to report events as they happen nor to provide objective analysis on any topic. Fox Opinion has established itself as the elite tabloid distributed free of charge – well, if you’re subscribed to cable – to everyone who can give a lending ear. How in the world can that be? There are a few theories that may help explain such a mystery. I will restrict myself to use only two here.

The first one may be best explained with the TV Series “Lie to Me” where Dr. Cal Lightman made a fortune exploiting his body language expertise. The average rating is 8.0/10 from 68,000 users as of this writing. This is an interesting revelation as to the mindset of those who gave the show such a high rating.

The second one could simply be mass ignorance. Since Fox Opinion’s inception, its audience has been “fed” with what they want to hear, what they think they know, what they believe they know and what they want to be true. They’re completely under the spell of ignorance. Any method of “truth inoculation” will be met with a strong resistance of “we prefer to be lied to” almost impenetrable immune system.

Ironically, they all shout from the top of their lungs that Washington is broken. Hmm! Hmm!

When 2 + 2 are 4 irrespective of who is in the White House or which party is in the majority in the Senate, there may be hope that a “truth vaccine” may work; until then, the joke is on you.


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