Hillary Is Running for President


Hillary Clinton should declare her candidacy now or get out of the way.

Since eon, there have been enough speculations about Hillary Clinton run for the presidency to write enough books to fill a small local library; Mrs. Clinton will be running, will not be running; she gave hints that she is going to run; then again, she may not run. She is taking it easy. She should take her time. And the list goes on and on and on.

The feverish expected standard announcement “My name is Hillary Clinton, and I am running for President of the United States” is at an all-time high. Even big donors are already lined up with cash on hand waiting for Hillary to give the “run” signal.

That is indeed the greatest irony. Hillary gave the signal a very longtime ago. When she decided to step down as Secretary of State as Obama began his second term, Hillary had already made the decision, well before, to run for president. Of course, much like all politicians, she provided a “litany of other reasons” for leaving the post of Secretary of State. It is however without doubt that she made the calculations not to risk her political capital in unpredictable world events such as the Benghazi debacle that could affect her chances to win the presidency in 2016. To put as much time between her serving the Obama administration and her declaring her candidacy is indeed a very smart move.

The Republicans know that. Divided, with no strategy, no message, no plan, a constantly changing frontrunner of the party (Chris Christie is marred in the Bridgegate scandal), disconnected from the constituents, faced with the reality that GOP Reps are becoming less and less relevant and scared by the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming the Democratic nominee, the Republicans are pulling all the stops to discourage her from running. And that’s what Democrats should fear. Hillary is not thinking about whether to run. She already made that decision. Democrats should fear that she may change her mind and decide NOT to run.

That’s a very important reason to pressure her to declare her candidacy now or get out of the way. The longer she waits, the more the Democratic Party may find itself in the same predicament as the Republican’s. That’s an outcome the country cannot afford to have.

What would be one reason for Hillary Not to Run?


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