Karzai, the Ingrate



Afghan Prisoner Release is no concern to U.S. said Karzai, the Afghan president The Afghan president uttered those words in response to plea by US from releasing 65 prisoners held in afghan jail. By US calculations, those prisoners are very dangerous.


What should US do? What can US do?

As it stands today, US has spent well over $695 billion dollar in Afghanistan, including more than $100 billion in nonmilitary funds per the US special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction.  In addition, more than two thousand soldiers lost their lives and over 17 thousands were wounded while serving in Afghanistan according to DoD.


The very goal of the mission was to rid Afghanistan of the very elements President Karzai just released. With the soldiers’ blood in his land and the taxpayers’ money in his pocket, Karzai said to the US government: F*!%@* you!

It’s time that Washington responds in kind.


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