The Trayvon’s Tragedy

Piercing through the Zimmerman’s Acquittal of the Murder Charges

Imagine the following scenario: an UNARMED 17-year old WHITE teenager was shot dead by a black neighborhood watch who claimed to have acted in self-defense. “I was fearful for my life.” declared the neighborhood watch.

If the context of the neighborhood watch pursuing the teenager, confronting him, fighting him before the fatal shot is added, is it to believe or even think that the police would have taken the man’s word and let him go home after slaying an unarmed white teenager? Is there a police officer anywhere who thinks that scenario is remotely possible?

I think not.

Most commentaries, in the case of Trayvon’s murder, have shifted the burden of guilt to the victim, Trayvon. Those commentators have adamantly argued that it’s not about race.

It is about race!

Could anyone justify the killing of an unarmed teenager as being OK? How could anyone justify letting the perpetrator walk free of the murder charges? Would it have been OK if the unarmed teenager were white, under the same circumstance?

It is all about race!

Notwithstanding the fact that prosecution did a terrible job, he did not adequately prepare his witnesses; he did not properly argue the case; he did not even object the insinuations advanced by one of his witnesses. “The witness, Officer Chris Serino, testified under cross-examination on late Monday afternoon that Mr. Zimmerman seemed to be telling the truth when he said he had fired his gun in self-defense. The officer’s admission made for a dramatic moment in the trial — and was a clear boon for the defense — but drew no immediate objection from the state. The court recessed for the day afterward.” According to the July 2, 2013 article in

Prosecution did not even bother to make a case for a verdict other than an acquittal. One could easily conclude that the prosecution gave away the trial.

It is indeed about race!

Most everyone in the country is aware of the circumstances surrounding the case. On the night of February 26, 2012 in Sanford, FL, Trayvon Martin, an UNARMED BLACK teenager was shot dead by a neighborhood watch George Zimmerman, a 28-year old mixed race Hispanic.

Irrespective of the gun law in Florida, there are too many blatant facts that should have prevented Zimmerman from getting away with murder.

First, there is the fact that Zimmerman is almost twice as old and twice as big as Trayvon.

Second, there is the fact that Zimmerman was pursuing Trayvon; Zimmerman was the aggressor.

Third, there is the fact that Zimmerman was armed, and Trayvon was not.

Regardless of who had the upper hand during the fight, it was Zimmerman who went after Trayvon. Shouldn’t the “Stand Your Ground” law be on Trayvon’s side? Why did the law favor the aggressor?

It is all about race.

There are obvious flaws to the jury verdict. Irrespective of what harm was inflicted on Zimmerman, the fact remains that anyone that is put in Trayvon’s situation has every right to defend himself/herself with whatever force needed to do so. By the acquittal, it seems that the jury disagreed; it expected Trayvon to “fold his tails” in order to avoid being victimized by Zimmerman.

Would the jury have felt differently if the victim was an UNARMED WHITE teenager?

It’s all about race.

A July 25th 2013 article in by Wayne Allyn Root (My George Zimmerman moment) shored up support for Zimmerman’s action by invoking a scenario that could have costed Wayne his life.” If I had had a gun, I certainly would have used it to save my life. That was the choice George Zimmerman faced.” What Wayne failed to emphasize, since the purpose of the article was to blame Obama and everyone else that shares his views, is that his assailant had a weapon. Trayvon did not. The fault clearly lies on the editor who published this type of bias.

The reactions over the outcome of the Zimmerman case are both a parallel to the OJ Simpson’s and a stark reminder that the “needle” in the race relations in the country has not moved much.

In the OJ case, most black thought or believed that OJ was innocent while just the opposite was true among the white. It is no longer a matter of right and wrong, or justice and injustice. Everything seems to boil down to a simple equation, black vs white.

It’s all about race.


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