Sexism is a good thing

In today’s world where more and more women have joined the ranks of those who preceded them in the fight against sexism, here in America, we have transitioned from an era when women had no voice to one which hears them loud and clear. Some women would say that we (America) are not there yet, but great strides have been made. During his presidency, Mr. Obama signed into law for women to have equal pay for equal work as their male counterparts.

Even in countries, such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan where women are completely deprived of rights – frequently (and publicly at times) beaten by men (husbands, fathers, etc.) – they are slowly, discreetly inching their ways to having some rights. With women in other parts of world, aided by technology (TV, Radio, Internet, Cellphone), preaching against women abuse, campaigning against the abusers and lobbying the support of modern men, progress is seen in various parts of the world.

Women have joined the armed forces, occupied top executive level positions, performed activities as strenuous (or perhaps more so) than those done by men. There are women who are fire fighters, who work in construction, who play hard sports, who push the physical boundaries of their bodies, and yet, sexism cannot be removed, and for good reason, thank God.

The most flagrant and recent example of a jury which could not decide whether to inflict death penalty on Jodi Arias is rather telling. The cruelty she used to murder her victim should have left no room for sympathy for her, and yet a jury (12 men and women) could not come to that decision. Needless to spell out the obvious; has it been a man under the same circumstance, there is no doubt the jury deliberation would have been swift and unanimous.  Death penalty would have been in order. So, why such difficulty in reaching that decision?  We (both men and women) harbor the deep feeling that society must do everything to protect the “weaker” gender; even in the face of comparable scenarios, the weaker gender will be given a pass.

Sexism is here to stay, and it’s not a bad thing at all.

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18 thoughts on “Sexism is a good thing

  1. this is absolutely disgusting that anyone would think sexism is a good thing. i gave this report 1 star as it was the lowest raing i could give it. i do not see why this should be seen as accepteble to ut on the internet.


  2. oh lord help me sexism is the same as mcdonalds it is unhealthy and it is as bad as racism so ya unhealthy like mcdonalds. BTW come to mcdonalds on march lane I CAN GET YOU 5 DOLLAR FRAPE


  3. that is not right. the judge in the article was sexist however i would vote for her to be given death penalty, be it man or woman. youre not even trying to have a balanced argument, you are merely supporting sexism based on one incident


    • Jodi, I am afraid you are right. That was the objective of the article: to point out that sexism (in general) prevails – even in people’s subconscious – no matter how much we try to remove it.


  4. now you know peace out btw i work for mcdonalds so go ahead and by a frape there or something i can get you a discount 30 bucks


  5. look people we have to stop this i am a man but i believe in equal rights for every body and the jodi arias case happend once how many of those cases have there been


  6. This is horrible. Sexism is absolutely wrong. Some of the greatest minds in the world belong to women. If sexism continues and women don’t have equal rights, we are missing out on half of the human population’s brainpower. The judge in your article is sexist. If he weren’t sexist, it’s not that he wouldn’t have thought hard about the woman’s trial, he would have thought had about both the man’s and the woman’s trial. We can’t have women being discriminated because that has happened long enough and this can’t continue. We live in the 21st century and we need to be much more progressive.


    • Tate, I do understand your point of view; we’re not in disagreement. However, you have to admit that in the “Jodi Arias” case mentioned in the article, sexism is seemingly what saved her from being inflicted the “death penalty” in which case I concluded that sexism is after all not that bad


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