Gun Debate – Episode 2

Gun Debates reveal unequivocally that Democracy in America is just a word.

For as long as US has been a country (hmm! hmm!), every secretary of state, every secretary of defense, every senator,every president have claimed that the United States is a free country; the current secretary of state, Mr. Kerry told a group of students in Germany that in America “you have a right to be stupid if you want to be.” He was making the same point, all his predecessors as well as presidents and senators have made throughout time, that freedom reigns in America. Democracy rules.


US has spent several billions dollars to wage wars around the world with the premise of taking democracy, our democracy to those who don’t have, to those who need it. And yet, right here at home, democracy is just a word. It is used to serve specific purposes. It is used by the demagogues in Washington to make the people feel good.


In a democracy, it should be a very simple process for the elected officials to carry out the wishes of the people. Right?

Not so, the Republican Senators said to the people. We do what we think is best for you, whether you know it or not.

So it goes with the attempt to pass legislation to require background check before someone can buy a gun. It should be simple, right?


The demagogues in Washington claim that such legislation would be an infringement to the first amendment right. Would it?

Those types of stand against the people wishes are nothing new, and there is no abatement in sight. Although it’s easy to simply point the fingers at the elected officials who have failed in their duty to carry out the people wishes, it is however the people that should bear most of the blame. Every time we have the opportunity to vote, we rally behind OUR party; we forget very quickly what those elected officials have done during their current terms. We want OUR party to win. Thus, we vote a party, not a representative. As long as we continue to behave as such, democracy will continue to be a figment of our imagination, here in the United States.

Surprise! Surprise!


What would you add?

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